8 Best Boots for Wide Feet: Let the Feet Feel Comfy All Day Long


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Humans come in different shapes and sizes. The way our bodies are created is always up to mother nature. Yet, not every piece of clothes is suitable for every type of body. That’s why knowing your type and shape of your body will make it easier for you to find the right clothes and shoes.

Knowing your body is especially important when it comes to buying boots. All people look for boots that will make them feel as comfortable as possible as well as keep them safe in their workplace. That’s why when one buys work boots, they need to make sure that the type of boot they’re planning to buy will be appropriate for their feet. Some shoes might be right for narrow feet and some for wide feet. In this article, we’re going to be talking about the best boots for wide feet.

So, read on and find out which boots you should buy in case you happen to have wide feet.

1. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots


Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh steel toe work boots are medium-duty workwear. They’re recommended to be worn in construction, utilities, energy, maintenance, transportation, landscaping, and masonry. The boots are designed with the goal of creating a pair of shoes that are safe and minimize the impact.


The moment you lay your eyes on this boot, you realize that they’re tough, and with them, on your feet, you can do any type of work. The superior torsion stability of the shoes makes them steady and stable, whereas the Keen key-tech technology of this shoe gives the foot the support it needs to stay comfortably inside the boot.


KEEN Utility men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots are made of nubuck leather and rubber.  With a weight of three pounds, the boots will become one with your feet and you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh boots are available in brown/red and slate black.

Good ankle supportThe soles can wear off quickly
Wide toe box

2. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage Boots


Thorogood Men’s American Heritage boots are designed to last for quite a long time. The shoes are designed with all types of jobs in mind. They’re appropriate for electricians, ironworkers, millwrights, assemblers, fabricators, and many others. It’s quite rare that we find boots that are both comfy and stylish. Yet this must be an exception. Because not only are these shoes comfortable, they’re also stylish. Making them appropriate for wearing even outside of the workplace.


You know the cases when you look at something and don’t believe that it can be much of a help. This is the case with the Thorogood boots. While they might not look like the typical work boot, they certainly are good at their job.  One of the most important features of these rugged leather boots is the safety they provide for workers that work with electricity. All the measures were taken to make sure that the risk of getting electrocuted in the workplace is at the lowest possible point.


The outsole of the Thorogood boot is built in a way that is appropriate for any job site. The heel of these boots is capable of withstanding an 18,000 volts application at 60 Hz for a minute. The Poron 4000 cushion inside the boot is put there for maximum comfort. Thorogood Men’s American Heritage boots are available in tobacco oil-tanned and in black.

Removable ultimate shock absorptionTreads on sole get worn out quickly
Comfy as hellLack of insulation for cold days
Electrical Hazard Protection
Composite shank for support on your underfoot

3. KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots


This is another pair of boots from the KEEN manufacturer. They really don’t disappoint with the products they bring forward. This pair of shoes, too, just like the other pair we mentioned above, is one of the best boots for wide feet. The feature that made it possible for this pair of boots to be part of our list is the wide toe box that it has. The shoes are assembled in Portland, Oregon, with the finest materials available.


At first glance, this pair of boots looks like a pair of hiking boots. Even though their primary use might be for workers who work in outdoor job sites, they can also be worn for recreational purposes. This pair of shoes is one of the toughest that we have ever seen. At the front of the foot, there is a steel-toed cap that protects the front part of the foot at maximum. Continuing with the waterproof feature that makes one forget the worries of their feet getting wet for those that work in watery work sites. Thanks to this feature, your feet won’t even get sweaty. Instead, they will be dry as a bone at all times.


KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock Mid Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots are made of 100% leather. The bottom part of the boot contains outsoles that meet the non-slip standards of ASTM. KEEN Utility Men’s Braddock boots are available in bison/ensign blue, gargoyle/forest night, and cascade brown/tawny olive.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
WaterproofLittle heavy
Wide toe box
Lots of toe space

4. Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83608 6″ Steel Toe Work Boots


Irish Setter boots were the go-to boots for hunters and workers. They still are, however, they have been adjusted to the modern craftsman and avid hunter. The name Irish Setter was inspired by the boot style 854  made of Red Russet leather.


The Irish Setter boots are highly functional. Like with many other work boots, the main feature of this pair is the safety they provide. Not only will they be able to keep your feet safe from any kind of work hazards, such as falling objects, vehicles in motion, and electrical hazards. The protective sole of the boot is built to reduce hazards due to the contact of the shoe outsole with electrically energized parts. The outsole has an additional function. It can serve as a way to prevent individuals from slipping in wet job sites.


Irish Setter work boots consist of a lacing system that gives them a grip that not too many work shoes can provide. The outside part of the shoe is made out of full-grain horse leather that makes for a lovely contrast to the triple stitching. The bottom part of the shoe is made out of a synthetic sole.

Irish Setter Men’s Ely boots are available in brown.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
LightweightIt may take a bit for them to be delivered
Electrical hazard protective
Firm grip

5. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots


There are shoes built with a specific worker in mind, these Caterpillar shoes are the opposite. They are appropriate for workers that have different jobs and workplaces. Not only that they’re appropriate for any type of foot thanks to the form of the shoes.

The manufacturer of this pair of boots is known all over the world as a symbol of honest work, integrity, and strength. Their principle hasn’t changed as the decades go by. We have noticed that on this pair of shoes. A pair of shoes not to be missed or otherwise, you’re going to be regretting it.


On the face of it, these boots may look like casual boots. However, there isn’t anything casual about them. They’re made to be worn in cases when workers are facing tough and rough terrains. With these shoes on, one doesn’t have to worry about the hazards that they face daily on their job as they contain the electrical hazard and slip-resistant rubber outsole. Also,  workers don’t have to worry about their feet during the day. They will stay dry and fresh throughout the day thanks to the moisture-wicking internal nylon mesh lining.


These Caterpillar boots are built out of full-grain leather. The internal part of the boots is made out of nylon mesh lining. Inside you can also find the climasphere insole whose feature is to create an odor-resistant environment.

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift boots are available in dark brown, tan, black full-grain, and honey.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
DurableThe padding may wear down quickly
Moisture resistant

6. Timberland PRO Men’s 6″ Stockdale GripMax Alloy-Toe Work and Hunt Boots


Timberland boots are known for their quality and durability. This pair of boots doesn’t disappoint at all in this direction. What’s best is that they’re also waterproof. While many Timberland boots have been used for purposes other than keeping feet safe at a workplace, their primary use is on the job site. The features of this pair are some of the most required features from the workforce.


When it comes to working productively, shoes are as important as work tools. The better the shoes you wear are, the more you’ll have the chance at staying on your feet and doing the job you’re supposed to do. That’s why Timberland boots are some of the best options out there.

Workers want a boot that once worn, they won’t have to worry that it can come out during the day, which won’t be a problem with the laces that come with these boots. One other feature is that the boots consist of Alloy safety toe caps, which are a protective material that the boots feature at the front part. They keep your toes safe while also keeping your boots light.


When you lay your eyes on these boots, the first impression you might have is how they look super stylish. Another reason might be that they are black as night. We know that black color is associated with style, elegance, and wealth. Even though, to be honest you can get a pair of these boots without having the need to break a bank.

Timberland PRO Men’s GripMax Alloy boots are available in black microfiber.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
ComfyA bit stiffy

7. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Mid Alloy-Toe ESD Industrial Work Boots


Here we go with another pair of Timberland boots. Not only do they look like a pair of sneakers one would wear to a basketball game, they also are tough as heck. Let’s see what makes them tough.


These boots are especially great for people that work in high static levels and sensitive electronic environments. With these boots on, you won’t have to worry about your life being at risk because of electricity. One other thing that bothers many workers is how by the end of the day, their feet would become damp and smell. They won’t have to worry about that anymore, as the breathable mesh with antimicrobial lining keeps the feet in a clean and fresh environment.


We mentioned how they look like sneakers. When looking at them, they give you the feeling that they’re as light as a feather. What differentiates this pair of boots from others is how it can do everything. Not only will it keep your foot safe, but it can also prevent any shock the foot might feel after something falls on it.

The bottom part of the shoe is made out of cement construction that contributes to the flexibility of the boot and reduces the time that a shoe needs to break-in. The Alloy safety toe at the front makes for a protection against workplace perils.

Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Mid Alloy-Toe boots are available in black synthetic.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
ComfortableThe sole might start to crack quicker than expected
Excellent traction

8. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boots


When we look at this Carhartt pair of boots, we understand why men all around the globe have chosen this brand for their workwear. The manufacturers have thought of every risk the workers might have at the site and found a solution for them. Let’s get into details down below.


These boots are appropriate for a number of worksites starting with construction, carpentry, and in many other industries. Once you put your foot in, you’ll understand that these shoes are made for you. Your feet will feel comfy like never before thanks to the cushy material used inside the shoe. Another thing worth mentioning is that your feet won’t be the only thing that is comfy. You and your mind will also experience a sense of relaxation as you won’t have to worry if your feet smell or are feeling damp.


The manufacturer thought about people that work in slippery sites, that’s why the bottom part of the boot contains the rubber sole that prevents them from slipping. You’ll be stable, supported, and protected all day long. At the front of the boot, it’s situated the composite safety toe, which offers protection at times when one is at risk by stuff falling off in their feet. Carhartt Men’s 6 Inch Composite Toe boots are available in brown oil-tanned leather and brown.

Pros ✅Cons ❌
DurableThey’re not waterproof
Electrical-hazard protective
Fast break-in time

It can be quite hard for people to find the right boots to make their work-life easier, especially for those with wide feet. However, now that we made a list with some of the best boots for wide feet, you won’t have that much issue finding a pair that will be the right fit for you. We tried to find the best boots, and we hope that those are the best for you.


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