8 Best Cheap Work Boots for Affordable Comfort and Durability

The best cheap work boots that provide durability, comfort, and protection are not easy to find. We offer our help with the best cheap boots list.

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More often than we care to admit, we  like to link a high price point to high-quality, but more times than not, that isn’t necessarily the case. The best work boots you will ever find might be sitting at the far most inexpensive corner, and that logic will make you overlook  them. However, we can think of a number of reasons why you shouldn’t let that happen and how to help you not do it.

So, which are the best cheap work boots, and how to find an excellent inexpensive pair to last you for years? Read on to find out.

Our Best Cheap Work Boot Picks

If you’re tired of going through heaps of reviews and different kinds of boots, this list was made for you. We’ve done the work for you and come up with a list of the best cheap work boots  that you can find all under $100.

1. KingShow GW Men’s 1606ST Work Boots


At a price under $100, these boots from KingShow offer outstanding durability, quality, and foot protection. You can get them in one of the three colors they come in—brown, black, and wheat. These boots come with a steel toe and many other qualities listed below.


These boots offer everything that a work boot should, which adds to their functionality. Apart from the steel toe that comes with them, they also feature a rubber sole that provides great traction and is slip-resistant. They have a leather upper, which makes them waterproof and perfect for any kind of weather condition.


In terms of design, these boots are made out of leather and come true to size; however, usually, they’re a bit wider than normal. Apart from the Nubuck full-grain leather that is used on the upper, these boots have a rubber outsole, and the two are stuck together by a Good Year welt.

Steel ToeDon’t come in half sizes
Leather upper
Good traction
Rubber outsole

2. Everboots Ultra Dry Men’s Premium Work Boots


The company that produced these boots is relatively new on the market, as their first boots launched in 2015. However, along with their other boots, this pair offers quality and durability at an affordable price point. These versatile boots can be a great addition to your wardrobe, and you can wear them both in and out of work.


Whether you’re after a casual boot to keep you comfy during the day or work boots for long hours spent on your feet, you can find what you’re looking for  in these boots. They  will make sure to keep your feet dry and comfortable all year round without shifting your finances too much.


These lace-up boots are made of premium full-grain leather and come with a polyester lining, which serves for added insulation and warmth to the boot. Their materials are waterproof, and they’re also super lightweight, flexible, and have a midsole that absorbs shock. They have a great tread pattern, which adds to their traction. You can be sure that in these boots, you’ll be comfortable, safe, and warm.

Leather upperBreak-in time
Shock absorption
Rubber outsole

3. Golden Fox Men’s Plain Toe Work Boots


These Golden Fox boots are known for their premium leather material, ageless craftsmanship, and stitching that withstands the test of time. They’re available in a reddish tan color, which makes for a good-looking and quality boot on a budget.


These cheap work boots are good for any occasion, whether you’re going out or heading towards a long day of work. Rest assured  that these boots will be with you for many years due to their high-quality material and double stitching that prevents the sole from separating.


These boots are designed in a way that doesn’t allow mud or debris to enter the boot through the toe box. They come with a removable insole and an outsole that is both lightweight and oil-resistant. Apart from the anti-slip sole, these boots have a mesh lining and pigskin collar that will make sure to keep your feet warm. Due to their sole design, they’re suitable for working on narrow surfaces, and many construction workers love them.

Full-grain leather upperLow tongue position
Good Year welt
Oil and slip-resistant sole

4. Everboots Tank Men’s Work Boots


Everboots has another pair of cheap boots that offer great quality at an affordable price, and it’s these Tank Men’s work boots. Apart from being designed to last long, they’re also explicitly constructed for cold winter months to keep your feet dry, warm, and comfortable for years.


These boots are suitable for you whether you work in construction, an industrial workplace, or need safety while on concrete surfaces. These boots come with a steel shank construction, which works in favor of the wearer by alleviating the feet while climbing ladders or stairs.


When it comes to design, these lace-up work boots have uppers made out of full-grain Nubuck leather that is water-resistant and very comfortable. They have a removable cushioned insole and a rubber anti-slip insole which is connected to the upper with Goodyear welt.

Oil-resistantNot very durable
Good tread
Leather upper

5. Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots


Under Armour’s Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boots do not disappoint in any way. They’re made to help you reach peak performance at your work due to their UA STORM technology and shank construction. You can use these boots day in and day out, and they’ll be a friend to your feet—keeping them warm and comfortable while you work.


These boots make a great work boot due to their water-resistance qualities and the fast drying in case they do get wet. In addition to that, you won’t have to worry about unpleasant smells after a hard working day since they are equipped with an Ortholite sock liner, which has antimicrobial properties.


These all-black boots have a minimalist design and come with an upper comprising two materials—900 Denier Nylon textile and DWR treated leather. They have a midsole that is constructed by molded EVA material, a polishable soft toe, and an outsole made out of low-profile rubber.

Antimicrobial Ortholite sock linerOutsole durability
Polishable soft toe
EVA midsole
Good design

6. Maelstrom Zion Men’s Work Boots


If you find that you’re in need of lightweight, waterproof, and comfortable work boots at a reasonable price, you’re just in luck with these Maelstrom boots. These boots are constructed in a way that allows immediate wear without break-in time and with performance and durability in mind.


These boots are quite versatile and come in both composite toe and soft toe style while offering the much-needed durability when it comes to work boots. The outsole of this boot is made out of rubber, and it is both slip and oil-resistant. These boots will keep you safe, warm, and comfortable anywhere you are.


These boots’ upper is designed with premium leather and nylon materials, making them waterproof. They come in color brown, with a black outsole and red accents and inner mesh. These boots are manufactured in an ISO9001 certified factory, which makes them high quality; they have a dynamic three-sole system and a removable cushioned footbed and EVA midsole that serves to keep your feet comfortable when you end up working long hours.

EVA insoleLacks breathability
Slip and oil-resistant
Three-sole system
Leather upper

7. Dickies Men’s Prowler Work Boot


Dickies offers a spectrum of workwear that is made for hardworking individuals. Among that workwear are their Dickies Men’s Prowler Work boots, which offer protection and comfort every step of the way. You can count on these boots to boost your efficiency and give you the confidence needed to finish the job.


Whether you’re an electrician or work in construction, these boots will surely help you feel safe during working hours as they’re constructed against slipping and electrical hazards. They’re also durable, made for comfort during long hours, and their steel toe meets ASTM F2412-11 standards.


These water-resistant boots have a leather and suede upper, and a moisture-wicking lining for added breathability. For added comfort, these boots feature an EVA midsole, which is removable. The slip-resistant outsole is connected to the upper using Goodyear welt construction, which adds to the boot’s life. These work boots also have a padded collar and tongue.

Padded tongue and collarNarrow fit
Moisture-wicking lining
Slip and oil-resistant outsole
Steel toe
Performs anti electrical hazards

8. NORTIV 8 Men’s Boots


Although designed for outdoor hiking, these boots prove  to be comfortable and durable for hard workers. These boots are not only suitable for work; they’re also stylish and can be worn in many different circumstances. They’re available in two colors—black and brown.


These boots are best suitable for those that spend long hours working outdoors. Apart from being lightweight and durable due to their Thinsulate material, they’re also quite rugged, which adds to their protection on all kinds of terrains. However, they lack electrical hazards protection, and they do not carry a steel toe.


These boots have a waterproof upper that is covered in leather material and a rubber outsole, which is both oil and slip-resistant. The outsole is also covered in various lugs, which will keep you safe and with good traction even on icy terrains. They also feature an EVA footbed for added flexibility and comfort and 3M Thinsulate lining to make the boot more lightweight.

Thinsulate liningBreak-in time
EVA footbedNot very breathable
Good traction
Rubber outsole

What to Look for in Affordable Boots

Certainly, when you’re searching for affordable work boots, you still want the high-quality to come with them. What would be the point of buying cheap boots if you have to replace them every month, or them not being  able to protect you against potential hazards?

If you’re unsure of where to start in quality-checking boots, here are a few key elements that your future work boots should have.


When searching for work boots, you most probably need a pair which can withstand you  spending long hours in them. This is where comfort is really important because you don’t need to feel fatigued on top of being tired.

You should look for boots that feature qualities that add to comfort such as cushioned insoles and footbeds. They also need to be breathable and ideally with antimicrobial properties so your feet will feel fresh even after a hard day of work.


We all want a pair of boots we can rely on not to fall apart on our way to work so we don’t need to constantly keep purchasing new ones. You need a good pair of cheap boots that won’t let you down construction-wise and won’t get ruined when water or oil touches them.

You should look for boots that are made out of durable materials such as leather and rubber. Ideally, they should be tied together with Goodyear welt or high-quality stitching so it lasts longer and the sole doesn’t separate from the upper.


Your work boots need to be highly functional and good on a number of terrains. Even if you don’t necessarily work on risky terrains, having boots that protect you against a variety of risks is never a bad idea.

Look for boots with good tread and traction and made out of materials that are water-resistant, as they can protect you against slippery and electrical hazards, and other workplace-related accidents

Even though we’re often told to believe that high prices equal quality, this list of the best cheap work boots should prove to you that isn’t the case. With less than $100 you can find a pair of boots that not only will protect you and keep you comfortable but also will endure  just as much as any expensive pair would. Happy shopping!


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