7 Best Chemical Resistant Work Boots: A Buying Guide

If you need chemical-proof boots to withstand chemical attacks, follow our buying guide with the best chemical-resistant work boots that will ensure your safety.

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The International Labour Organization estimates that around 2.3 million fatalities every year are due to occupational accidents. This is why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards that can cause injury. Harmful chemicals pose many health hazards such as skin irritation, sensitization, carcinogenicity. They can also lead to physical hazards like flammability, corrosion, and explosiveness.

If your work involves such harmful chemicals, the best route to being safe is to invest in a pair of comfortable, chemical-resistant boots. But, finding the perfect boots can be challenging since you have to try pair after pair and see what features you need and which ones are unsuitable for you.

Well, to make the job easier for you, we will go through some key elements that make a pair of boots worthy of the title chemical-resistant and help you find your perfect fit.

7 Best Chemical Resistant Work Boots

Although different jobs have different hazard levels, we have come up with a list of the best chemical-resistant work boots, considering the most important elements that work boots should have.

So, here are our top choices for boots that will keep you well protected, dry, and warm throughout all your workdays and nights.

Dunlop Explorer Thermo Full Safety Boots

Source: Amazon

The Dunlop Explorer Thermo Full Safety Boots offer extreme protection for extreme working conditions. These boots are made for guarding your feet against the potentially adverse effects of oily chemical substances, various types of gas, falling objects, and slipping.

The Dunlop Explorer boots can be considered a blend of oil, gas, and mining boots. They come with multifunctional features, perfect for anyone working in the petroleum industry, plumbing, excavation industry, brewing, food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, construction, and any other industry that makes use of refrigeration plants.

Key Features

  • 100% Waterproof protection
  • Chemical and fuel oil resistance
  • Antistatic property
  • Maximum traction
  • Flexible Purofort shaft
  • Thermo+ insulation


  • Comfortable
  • Protective
  • Highly-durable
  • Strong soles
  • Water-resistant


  • High price

Social proof

The Dunlop Explorer Thermo Full Safety Boots have an Amazon score of 4.6 out of 5 with over 203 global ratings.

The Dunlop Explorer Thermo Full Safety Boots with all their advanced boot qualities can be purchased on Amazon. You do not want to miss out on the premium comfort and protection these boots guarantee.


Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Boot

Source: Amazon

Carhartt is a well-known brand in clothing; however, with their Men’s Composite Toe Boot, they also compete with other prominent names when it comes to work boots.

These chemical proof boots are designed with oil, chemical, abrasion, heat, and slipping in mind. Hence, as such, they help serve a variety of workers in many industries, including construction and manufacturing, the electrical industry, farmers, ranchers, and all other outdoor enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • Composite safety toes that meet ASTM F2413-18 standards
  • Deep grooves on the outer sole
  • Secondary electrical hazard protection (ASTM F2413-18 EH standards)
  • FastDry Technology Lining
  • Rubber soles
  • Ankle-high shaft height
  • 1.5″ Heel height
  • 11″ Boot opening


  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Removable inserts
  • Leather material
  • Oil, chemical, and slip resistance
  • Durable, rope-like laces


  • The cement in the construction of the outsole makes it hard to repair or replace

Social proof

The Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Boot has an Amazon score of 4.5 out of 5 with over 3,039 global ratings.

The price for a pair of Carhartt Men’s Composite Toe Boot can vary depending on the choice of size and color you pick. Invest in your feet today by buying the Carhartt boots and benefit from the protection and comfort they offer against the long days at work!


Servus Max 15” PVC Chemical-Resistant Work Boots

Source: Amazon

If you want to keep your feet protected while working in hazardous work environments for a low price, then the Servus Max 15″ PVC Chemical-Resistant Work Boots are another ideal choice.

These chemical-resistant work boots are recommended for general and occupational work. You can benefit greatly from the features included in these boots, whether you work in the poultry processing industry, fish processing, farming and industrial agriculture, or are simply looking for a practical pair of boots to do some yard work or wear around when it rains.

No spills of oil, chemicals, or water can ever pass through these boots.

Key Features

  • 100% Waterproof
  • TDT (Triple Density Technology)
  • Large kick off lugs for easy removal
  • Toe and heel cap
  • Soft toe
  • Removable FOOT FORM insole
  • Steel shank
  • Self-cleaning outsole


  • Injection-molded PVC
  • Arch and heel support
  • Seamless design
  • Removable, washable, and replaceable cushion insole
  • Self-cleaning, long-wearing, open pattern outsole


  • Take a while to break in

Social proof

The Servus Max 15” PVC Chemical-Resistant Work Boots has an Amazon score of 4.5 out of 5 with over 435 global ratings.

Based on customer reviews, the Servus Max 15” has a:

  • 4.8 score for water resistance
  • 4.8 score for support
  • 4.4 score for value for money
  • 4.3 score for comfort
  • 4.1 score for durability

You can buy these comfortable chemical-resistant boots on Amazon. Good quality, low price is a combo you can’t miss.


Dunlop DURAPRO Boots with Safety Steel Toe

Source: Amazon

The Dunlop DURAPRO boots are reliable work boots that will help you get your job done safely. Protection is prioritized with excellent traction for light- to medium-duty work environments.

These boots work well on the hard unsealed concrete and stainless steel sheeting for foodservice plants, plus are also protective against water-based and high VOC solvents, various heavy chemicals, and volatile liquids. So, if you have to deal with cement work and construction, survey vessels, or work in the wash and auto detailing industry, then you should consider these boots.

Key Features

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Lightweight design
  • Fuel oil resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Protective toe caps
  • Polyvinyl chloride, polyblend, sureflex, and steel material


  • The 360-degree pull-tab,
  • Guaranteed chemical and slip protection
  • Comfortable design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Arch and heel support


  • The steel toe at times can cause excessive friction resulting in blisters.

Social proof

This model of the Dunlop DURAPRO boots has an Amazon score of 4.5 out of 5 with over 1,610 global ratings.

Based on customer reviews, the Dunlop DURAPRO has a:

  • 4.5 score for the value you get for the money
  • 4.5 score for durability
  • 4.3 score for water resistance
  • 4.3 score for sturdiness
  • 4.2 score for comfort
  • 3.8 score for support

The Dunlop DURAPRO Boots with Safety Steel Toe Boots come at a reasonable price. Do you want your feet to be safe, dry, and warm during the long hours at work? Then, give these chemical-proof boots a chance.


Servus by Honeywell Men’s Knee Boot

Source: Amazon

Honeywell has been designing equipment for safety and comfort for many years. As with all their other products, their aim with these boots is to increase productivity and efficiency while keeping the workers safe in hazardous environments.

The XTP product family is engineered with chemical resistance in mind, reducing the cost of inventory and slip resistance.

Due to the features it offers, this boot is ideal for workers in food processing or those working with oil equipment, around chemical plantations, and even for weekend fishing trips.

Key Features

  • Injection molding technology utilizes a softer material for the upper part of the soles
  • XTP outsole
  • A seamless construction
  • Rubber material
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Chemical resistant
  • Electrical hazard rated outsole


  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Soft molded insoles that provide arch support
  • Good construction
  • Clean seamless look


  • Lack of durability

Social proof

The Servus by Honeywell Men’s Knee Boot have an Amazon score of 4.5 out of 5 with over 3,115 global ratings.

Try the Servus by Honeywell Men’s Knee Boots and all the benefits that come with them by purchasing them at a great price.


Servus Comfort Technology 14″ Men Work Boots

Source: Amazon

The Servus Comfort Technology work boots offer protection and comfort at a great value. These comfortable chemical-resistant boots are specially designed to resist degradation from fertilizers and other harsh chemicals that you would typically find in outdoor worksites. They are recommended for workers who deal with food processing, custodial, farm work, or general-purpose.

The Servus Comfort Technology work boots also protect from heavy falling objects, making them another great option for anyone working on demolition sites.

Key Features

  • Slip-resistant
  • Synthetic sole
  • 100% waterproof
  • CT (Comfort Technology)
  • PVC formulation explicitly designed for outdoor industries
  • Lightweight molded heel
  • Deep angle cleated outsole to provide additional traction


  • Water resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Soft and flexibile
  • Comfortable
  • Impact protection


  • The material is not durable when used in harsh conditions

Social proof

The Servus Comfort Technology 14″ Men Work Boots have an Amazon score of 4.5 out of 5 with over 7,448 global ratings.

Everyone needs a pair of the Servus Comfort Technology 14″ Men Work Boots, even if only to wear on rainy days outside work. Depending on the size you buy, these chemical-proof boots can be yours for a small price.


Tingley Economy Kneed Boot for Agriculture

Source: Amazon

The Tingley brand believes that “economy” should not equal discomfort or poor performance. So the boots come at affordable prices and include many advanced features that will make your work safer and easier.

The Tingley boots are a step up from basic rubber boots, aimed at workers of agriculture, industry, construction, for working in the yard, or any other environment with wet, muddy conditions. The materials used ensure chemical resistance against fats, certain acids, hydrocarbons, caustics, and a few other chemicals.

Key Features

  • Injection-molded construction
  • Sturdy outsole material
  • Eco-conscious upper made from 30% recycled material
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Self-cleaning outsole
  • Removable cushion insole


  • Affordable prices
  • Flexible and sturdy material regardless of the weather conditions
  • Suitable for wet conditions
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • True to size


  • The chemical smell from the plasticizer used to mold the rubber boots

Social proof

The Tingley economy kneed boots have an Amazon score of 4.4 out of 5 with over 7.780 global ratings.

Based on customer reviews, the Tingley Economy boots have a:

  • 4.7 score for sturdiness
  • 4.5 score for water resistance
  • 4.4 score for value for money
  • 4.2 score for durability
  • 3.8 score for comfort
  • 3.5 score for support

It is hard to find a boot better than the Tingley Economy Kneed Boot for Agriculture for a similar price.


Best Overall Chemical Resistant Work Boots

All seven boot models we listed are excellent choices for anyone looking to buy chemical-resistant work boots. However, if you want the best overall pair, investing in the Dunlop Explorer Thermo Full Safety Boots pays off since this model checks all the boxes for the features you should look out for when purchasing chemical-resistant boots.

What to Look for When Buying Chemical Proof Boots

If you want to find the best pair of chemical-resistant work boots, you have first to know the features that make such a shoe worth it. The three main components you should have in mind are comfort, protection, and durability and the boot elements that ensure them.

Comfort & Convenience Features

  • Cushioned Footbeds & Shock Absorbing Midsoles

Because you will wear these boots at work, your shoes should have cushioned insoles and shock-absorbing midsoles that lessen fatigue and pain from having to stand on hard surfaces for hours on end.

  • Easy-To-Clean Materials

You will probably wear these boots in hazardous settings, meaning that you will be in contact with chemicals and other substances. This means you need to buy a pair of boots made from easy-to-clean materials so you can easily maintain them.


  • Abrasion Resistant Materials

Being in contact with chemicals can be dangerous, which is why for complete protection, your boots should pass chemical resisting standards. Agencies like the American Society for Testing and Materials, the European Committee for Standardization, and OSHA conduct tests on different products to guarantee their resistance.

  • High Boots

Because the boots are resistant to chemicals, you surely want to maximize that protection as much as you can as a worker. One way you can do so is by using high boots that cover not only your feet but your ankles as well.

  • Slip Resistant Outsoles

Many accidents happen because people slip on surfaces that do not offer enough friction. Ensuring that your boots have slip-resistant outsoles will help you stay even safer at work.

  • Safety Toes

If you are a worker who is constantly surrounded by heavy machinery or tools, you must ensure that your boots have safety toes that will protect your feet if anything falls directly on them.

  • Waterproofing & Insulation

Lastly, for maximum protection, the boots should be insulating and waterproof. If nothing can get inside the shoes, then there is less chance that it will harm you.


  • Great Materials & Construction Methods

Lastly, when you find a boot that contains all the previously mentioned features, then you have to make sure that the boots will last even after regular use. The key to finding durable boots is in the material and method of construction. A combination of these two elements will guarantee that your boots will protect you for a long, long time.

The Bottom Line

All good chemical resistant work boots have similar features that make them a safe choice by incorporating suitable materials, protective toe-caps, a variety of soles, insulation, and water resistance, among others.

We advise you to invest in a pair of work boots that will last and incorporate all the features you need to stay safe at work. However, many of our choices also offer protective elements at low prices. In these choices, there is something for everyone, so take your pick.


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