13 Best Cowboy Boots for Women: Western, Functional, & Chic

The best cowboy boots for women can be hard to find. Here’s a list of the most popular & comfortable women’s cowboy boots to help you!

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When it comes to picking a good pair of cowboy boots, there are many things to consider. From design style, durability, comfort, and many more. So, what should you look for when buying them, and which are the best women’s cowboy boots?

Here are all of them listed and more.

Our Best Women’s Cowboy Boot Picks

From the numerous western-style boots for women on the market, here are our best picks.

1. Ariat Women’s Hybrid Rancher Work Boot

Ariat is a premium, high-quality footwear brand. It’s only natural that they have the best cowboy boots for women in the market. These boots are called hybrid for a reason; they are extremely versatile. Whether you’re working on the ranch, riding a horse, or out in the city, these boots are there to make you comfortable and look good.


Although these Ariat boots are primarily made for horse riding, these boots will prove functional in many different situations and adjust to a number of activities. You can go dancing, out for lunch, at the ranch, or do anything while looking fashionable and painless!


These boots are made out of 100% leather and come with a rubber sole and a footbed that will cushion and support your feet during the day. The outsole comes with decent traction, wear resistance, flexibility, and it’s oil and slip-resistant.  The manufacturer of these boots also offers a 12-month warranty.

12-month warrantyA bit narrow
Oil & slip-resistant

2. Corral Circle G Boots

Corral Boots is a western company that makes boots for a very small percentage of the population—they make western footwear, apparel, and accessories. However, they’re nowhere traditional, and these boots are a perfect example of that.


Handcrafted and made out of exotic skins and high-quality materials, these boots are made to last. They have extravagant detailing on the outside and offer great leather-made comfort on the inside. With a slick sole, these boots are made especially for mounting and dismounting.


These boots have great versatility due to their beautiful floral design and a padded insole that promises day-long comfort. The sole is made out of leather and fitted onto the vamp by a Goodyear welt. The outer details are in beige and white, giving them a very feminine look.

Genuine leatherA bit narrow in the front
Snip toes
Floral embroidery

3. Roper Women’s Riley Western Boots


From Roper, a company that manufactures, designs, and distributes high-quality western wear, we have these women’s cowboy boots made in true classic western fashion. Let’s see what they entail.


These boots are made out of faux leather and western embroidery for enhancement. Another boot in a row that not only looks good but helps you feel comfortable all day. They offer grip and traction on all kinds of surfaces due to their Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TRP) outsole. They have a 12-inch shaft to protect your feet and legs while working on the ranch. 


They’re made out of man-made materials due to animal cruelty prevention. Their inner lining is made out of leather, which allows them to be breathable. They also offer comfort because of their padding and lightweight, flexible, no mark sole. Their construction provides the ability to pull them off and on by using the bootstraps so that you won’t ruin your favorite pair of boots!

Western embroideryFeel plastic
Faux leather
TRP sole
5-inch heel

4. Twisted X Women’s Western Boots


Twisted X’s footwear is handmade, and the case isn’t any different from these western riding women’s boots. In these boots, there is innovation and comfort, which can be both seen and felt while wearing them.


These boots’ durability is specially designed for riding; you will be mounting and dismounting effortlessly. They also allow you to remain on the saddle for long periods without slipping. True to original cowboy boots design, these boots have narrow toes and treadless leather soles. Their design allows you to sink your feet firmly into stirrups.


The vamp and shaft of these boots are made 100% out of genuine leather, and their inner lining is also made out of breathable leather. They have a rounded toe, and their outsole is made out of molded rubber. They also come with an antibacterial, removable, and washable footbed. In addition, they have bootstraps for easy wear and a classic cowboy boot silhouette.

Modern applicationVisible glue
Traditional design
100% genuine leather
Removable footbed
Breathable liner

5. Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Western Boots

Just like any of Ariat’s boots, this pair is quite innovative and durable. They have technology made for riding and count as one of the high-quality boots for show rodeo and riding.


Besides being comfortable and durable, these shoes, they come with ATS technology and pro-crepe soles available in many sizes. These boots are built in a manner that they are sturdy enough to handle days-long work, whether you’re walking, running, standing, or riding.


These lovely Ariat boots come in many different colors and combinations to best match any outfit you plan on wearing. However, they’re not only pretty, they’re also made out of genuine leather and a synthetic TPR sole. Other than that, these boots also have 4LR technology that makes for great cushioning, stabilizing shank support, and a sole that is wear, oil, and slip-resistant.

Bi-colourDifficult to put on
4LR technology
Moisture-wicking liner
Wear, oil, and slip-resistant

6. Coconuts by Matisse Women’s Gaucho Boots

These Matisse boots come with a contemporary style, offering a fashionable look and edge at the same time. Made out of manmade leather, they offer comfort and beauty at the same time.


Apart from the faux leather they’re made out of; these boots come with a moisture-wicking liner and a low heel. The synthetic sole will guarantee comfort for your foot all throughout the day. The sturdy material can handle all kinds of weather, and you will be able to work through all kinds of conditions. They also have bootstraps, so you can easily wear them.


Matisse’s Coconuts boots come with distressed embroidery in a similar color to the boot itself and add to the boot’s tough appeal. The boot has a synthetic sole and heel, a narrow tip, and a smooth underside, which is perfect for mounting and dismounting.

Faux leatherHollow heel
Traditional design
Moisture-wicking liner

7. Canyon Trails Women’s Rodeo Cowboy Boots


The Canyon trails boots come to bring life in your everyday chores. These pretty boots don’t compromise their high-quality and durability, although they are aesthetically just as pleasing as they are comfortable.


These boots are perfect for many activities, such as show jumping, working on a farm and ranch, and rodeo. However, if you wish to wear them to dinner as a statement piece, they can still work. The good stitching work on them will allow you to walk on mud, snow, grass, and any kind of surface comfortably. Native to their spirit, these cowboy boots are made for riding and walking on all kinds of terrains to achieve that.


These boots are made out of 100% leather, which promises durability. They also have a cushioned insole and come with bootstraps so they’re easy to put on. Lastly, they have a flexible outsole for comfortable walking and a rubber sole to provide grip on all kinds of terrains.

Rubber soleHollow heel
Cushioned insole
Flexible outsole

8. Silver Canyon Cimmaron Round Toe Boots


These round toe boots are made from a high-quality brand that produces boots, hats, belts, and apparel. The product is made from hardworking people for hardworking people. If you appreciate quality, style, and comfort, then these boots are the right fit for you.


These boots have a classic, timeless western design while also working like a treat for your feet in all kinds of situations. These pretty boots will work whether you want to go riding, bicycling, a night out in the town, appropriate for both the city and the country. Their rubber outsole will prevent you from slipping, oil, and wearing them down. 


Not only can you expect these high-quality leather boots to last you quite a while, but there is also a lot of attention to detail and style happening on these boots’ design. With their western look and rounded toes, these fashionable boots make for a comfortable and very good-looking option. They have a cushioned insole and traditional craft to bring durability, comfort, and value to you.

Traditional designTricky sizing
Good construction
Faux leather
Padded insole

9. Durango Women’s DRD0208


These authentic western boots have an adventurous feel to them. Durango Women’s DRD0208 boots are made for comfort while also honoring the western culture and the hardworking people of the west.


Made with a smooth outsole that will allow you to step into the stirrup with ease and a high heel to anchor you in the stirrup and firmly sit in the saddle, these boots are made for riding. They are also very versatile, as you can wear them out to dinner and with most clothes you have due to their subtle elegance.


These high heeled women’s cowboy boots are made out of synthetic suede leather. The inside has a tapering snipped toe and padded insole. Apart from the white embroidery and stitching, these boots are decorated with an ankle belt with a star-spangled banner around the buckle.

Cushioned insolePrice changes one size down
Tempered steel shank
Leather accessory strap

10. Rocket Dog Women’s Sheriff Saloon Western Boots


Rocket Dog’s Sheriff Saloon Western boots are mid-rise and high-heeled, with a very elegant feel to them. They are available in many sizes and widths, which makes them a choice for both very narrow and very wide feet.


These boots come with a tapering box and a smooth rubber sole to help you slide into the saddle. The high heels on these boots are grooved so they can protect you from slipping. Generally, the design of these boots imitates that of a cowboy boot. 


These cowboy-inspired boots rise to midcalf and have a synthetic material upper. They also have two bootstraps which help with pulling the boots up. They have a moisture-wicking inner lining, a rubber sole, and a padded footbed covered with synthetic material.

Rubber soleRun small
Stacked heels
Slouching shaft

11. Charles Albert Modern Western Cowboy Boots


The Charles Albert Modern Western Cowboy boots are high-quality shoes that also come at an affordable price. These timeless boots are designed in a traditional style, yet have a very modern feel and will be a friend to your feet on more than one occasion.


These boots have a very subdued and classy look, which makes them perfect for any occasion. Whatever activity you have planned for the day, they will be a great addition to any outfit you choose. They come in seven colors; mocha, black, brown, cognac, grey, white, and tan.


Made out of quality materials, these boots have a stacked heel, an extended sole, and a 0.25-inch thick platform. From the outside, they look very traditional, but they have a modern take on the cowboy boots and are a great addition to your wardrobe.

Synthetic soleSize issues
Stacked heels

12. Very Volatile Women’s Denver Boots


These Volatile boots combine sensible design, casual, and the latest trends all in one. They are comfortable, a statement, and durable.


With their distressed leather color, these boots give off the feeling that they have aged beautifully, and with that, provide a very traditional western feel. Apart from the beautiful look, these boots will also keep you comfortable if you work on a farm or a ranch all day. They are meant to help ease a workday, wherever it is.


These are lightweight boots that provide comfort due to their EVA soles and padded insole. They are made out of faux leather that will keep your feet protected from different surfaces and temperatures. They are decorated with embroidery and some decorative studs.

Padded insoleRun big
Rubber outsole
Synthetic leather

13. Roper Women’s Fringe and Stud Western Boots


Roper offers an elegant, stylish, and comfortable boot. This lovely pair of boots are made out of faux leather with a matte finish, making them suitable for any occasion. They imitate a traditional cowboy boot with a rockstar feel.


These boots, although very out there and represent a fashion statement, are also very functional too. You can wear them while working, having dinner, or a day out in the town.


Made out of synthetic leather, these boots have a narrow tapering tip snipped at the toe, a Cuban heel, and a rubber sole that makes sliding into stirrups easier. They are slip-resistant with a long shaft that is decorated with both fringe and rhinestone studs.

Beautiful styleDon’t feel very rich
Rubber sole

How to Choose the Best Women’s Cowboy Boots?

There are many factors you need to consider when choosing the best women’s cowboy boots whether you want to wear them farming, on the ranch, or a night out.

Here are a few things to consider when making a purchase.


You should take into consideration where you’ll be wearing the boots you buy. If you’re looking to get a pretty pair of boots for coffee time and nights out, then most boots will be comfortable enough for that. However, if you want a boot to shield your feet and legs from day-long work at the ranch or the farm, you will need a more durable fit designed to handle such conditions.

Heel & toe shape

Many cowboy boots are slightly heeled, however, a high number of them come in 2+ inch heels. Now, you have to decide whether you would be comfortable working in such a heel or you want something more practical for daily tasks.. 

Toe shape is also important, as both too narrow and too wide toes can cause discomfort. Especially if you plan to wear your cowboy boots for longer than a few hours. So, make sure you get the right fit for you.


Cowboy boots are generally made out of leather, but there are a few good alternatives if you’re looking for a socially responsible brand that promotes animal protection. Lately, designers have been experimenting with textile, rubber, and PU to add style and elegance to these riding boots.

Whether you’re on the lookout for the most comfortable women’s cowboy boots or the most popular women’s cowboy boots, we compiled a list of the best on the market. Combining fashion with functionality, these western-style boots for women are very versatile and will be a friend to your wardrobe for years.


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