9 Best Driving Shoes: Stay Safe, Comfortable, and Stylish

The best driving shoes have a number of essential qualities. If you want to know which ones have those, check out our best shoes for driving list.

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The best driving shoes feature several qualities, and above all, they must be safe to use. Many manufacturers are known for their high-quality designs when it comes to shoes made for driving. Still, how can you find the best shoes for driving on the market?

Here’s a little help navigating the options.

Our Best Shoes for Driving Picks

We scanned the market and found the best driving shoe options there are. Here they are.

1. Puma Men’s Redon Move Sneaker

These versatile Puma sneakers are the best for someone looking to drive safely while carrying a sporty look. These sneakers are made to enhance the wearer’s swiftness to keep them on for prolonged periods of time.


These Puma driving shoes are designed using dynamic synthetic leather for comfort that lasts more than a few hours. Due to the flexibility that this material allows, it enhances the driver’s agility. They also come with an adjustable hook and loop strap so the wearer can tighten them to their preference and other features that allow breathability.


With these sneakers’ waterproof qualities, you will be able to clean them by just wiping them easily. They can easily be worn when you have hours of driving ahead of you as they also provide a robust rubber outsole, which makes sure that you will always have optimum balance when you’re behind the wheel.

BreathableNarrow fit
Adjustable strap
Rubber outsole

2. Sperry Men’s Hampden Penny

These uniquely designed Sperry shoes simultaneously provide a stylish look and extra comfort when worn for a long time. They’re made out of materials that will surely withstand the test of time, so you won’t have to change your shoes frequently.


These slip-on shoes are designed in such a way that they’re easy to wear, extremely sturdy, yet they also serve as a fashion statement of their own. They’re made out of 100% premium leather, which is not only water-resistant but extremely durable too. They also feature a cushioned footbed, which only adds to the comfort of these leather driving shoes.


These shoes come with a rubber sole with a special mold that allows for better traction and, as such, safer driving. You can also wear these during chilly days since the leather material will keep your feet warm even on cold days.

DurableWide fit
Good traction
Leather lining

3. Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Wes Penny Loafer

These leather driving shoes from Ralph Lauren are a great example of what happens when contemporary functionality meets classic design. What differentiates them from other driving shoes is the classic penny keeper detail which they feature.


Apart from the classy design and details, these shoes are made out of leather which ensures not only good looks but also durability. They also feature the penny keeper detail, which back in the past, used to feature a slip large enough to hold a penny in it.


These Polo driving shoes have a leather upper which not only offers durability as mentioned above but is also incredibly comfortable while driving. They’re also water-resistant and have a synthetic outer sole which allows the shoes to be worn in casual settings as well.

Penny keeper detailThin outer sole
Leather upper
Slip-on and off design

4. Cole Haan Men’s Tucker Venetian Slip-On Loafer

These Cole Haan driving loafers feature a great design, high-quality materials that will give the much needed support and longevity. If you’ve ever been in need of a shoe that reflects both a classy and sporty look at the same time, then these loafers are the ones for you!


Apart from the upper being made out of 100% leather, these Cole Haan loafers also feature a leather lining which makes them more breathable. They also feature a twin gore design that serves for enhanced flexibility and traction.


These loafers offer a leather upper and a rubber Vibram outsole which offers both premium comfort and  traction. Additionally, the soft leather adds to the comfort by contorting around the wearer’s feet and avoiding potential blisters.

Vibram outsoleNot very suitable for warm weather
Leather upper & lining
Twin gore design

5. VenusCelia Women’s Driving Shoes

These women’s driving shoes are not only comfortable but also quite affordable and thus sparing ‘breaking the bank’ for a pair of driving shoes. These shoes feature a round toe design making them perfect for wide feet, sturdiness needed for shoes, and delicate stitching.


These VenusCelia driving shoes come with a leather upper that is quite soft, and a cushioned insole for added comfort. They’re also pretty lightweight, which is a much-needed quality, especially if you spend long hours in them.


Since they’re made out of comfortable and sturdy material like leather, they’re perfect not only for driving, but also for standing on your feet all day without any noticeable discomfort. Additionally, their design allows for them to be worn out in the town, driving, and even to work as they’re pretty classy and timeless.

LightweightRun small & wide
Leather upper
Easy to wear

6. Puma Men’s Vedano Leather Slip-On Shoe

Although these Puma driving shoes have a very contemporary style, they also lean on the classy side. They combine a rubber sole that is sturdy, leather, and suede for a comfortable, good-looking, and durable driving shoe.


The fashionable look of these sports shoes comes as a result of the combination of suede and leather. One of these shoes’ best features is the cushioned footbed that adds comfort when you spend long hours driving.


These shoes will prove useful for a long time due to their stain-resistance, so you will have one less thing to worry about. Moreover, they feature a rubber outsole which provides  great grip and traction and comes with an additional gored tab underneath the Velcro tabs for added flexibility. The footbed on these Puma shoes makes sure that the wearer doesn’t experience any discomfort by coming in direct contact with hard surfaces.

Velcro tabsHigh heel
Textile lining
Hook and loop closure

7. Minnetonka Men’s Original Cowhide Men’s Driving Moccasin

These stylish moccasins make for a great pair of driving shoes, whether you’re driving to work or happen to be driving to a weekend somewhere. They offer great comfort and support, and are made out of 100% leather, which increases their durability.


These leather driving shoes are designed to protect the foot from fatigue and stress with their padded insole. This padding will ensure that the weight is distributed proportionally throughout the foot and provide good arch support. They’re also designed to withstand the test of time due to their high-quality material, made out of 100% premium leather.


Apart from the durability and all-day comfort, these shoes also feature a not so common nub-bottom sole. Whether you’re on a slippery or dry surface, you can rest assured that these shoes will get a good grip and provide traction. This also means you get to use them in a variety of circumstances, be that adventurous driving or formal dinners. Additionally, the temperature control will allow you to use them in different times of the year.

Nub-bottom soleNarrow fit
Easy to wear
Temperature control

8. Skechers Men’s Harper Forde Driving Style Loafer

If you’re on the lookout for a semi-formal pair of shoes that you can use for both driving and other activities, then these Skechers’ loafers are the pair for you. They are specifically designed to provide the support and comfort needed in a driving shoe.


These driving loafers feature a full-grain upper and a front moc-toe which gives them a classy and unique look but also adds to comfort by providing a roomy toe area. In addition, they have a memory foam insole with air cooling properties that protect the wearer from hard surface impact. The memory also serves for comfortable wear even by people with flat feet.


The leather that these shoes are made from is made so it’s easy to clean and that adds to their low-maintenance. They also feature an easy slip-on and off structure making them very easy to wear, and it enhances both utility and flexibility through movement.

Shock-absorbing midsoleWide fit
Padded collar
Rubber outsole
Easy wear

9. Puma Women’s Prowl Alt Sneaker

The Puma Women’s Prowl Alt Sneakers are one of the best women’s driving shoes on the market. These shoes feature a very breathable upper made out of fabric and textile. They will keep your feet sweat free and help enhance your look throughout the day.


Considering the fact that they have a textile and fabric upper and  come with a cushioned midsole, the  comfort to your feet won’t lack.They’re also very lightweight, so you will navigate between gears more easily.


These Puma sneakers  feature a rubber outsole which not only provides grip and traction but also adds to the overall durability. Apart from being able to wear them anywhere, you’ll be pleased to know that the high-quality they offer also comes with an affordable price too!

AffordableNo arch support
Comfortable fit

What to Look for in Driving Shoes

Driving shoes can be tricky to choose from. Many of them come with great design and definitely would look great on various occasions. However, you should be careful when weighing out the pros and cons of a certain shoe.

Here’s a few things to examine  when purchasing the best driving shoes for you.


You should look for a tough and durable material that won’t rip on any regular day. Preferably go for ones that are made entirely out of leather, as it tends to be more durable than the others. It’s also easier to clean, so you won’t have to worry about stepping in a meeting with dirty shoes.


When driving, there’s a lot of movement at the foot, so flexibility is essential. It’s best to look for sturdy, yet rather flexible shoes when it comes to driving; make sure the materials are durable and soft. Such shoes will help you navigate easily with gear and won’t be accident prone.


Similar to flexibility, traction is essential when it comes to the safety of movement while driving. You wouldn’t want shoes that will make your foot easily slip off the gas or brake pedal, surely. So look for rubber outsoles on such shoes, which will provide great grip and traction and help you drive safely.

Whether you’re interested in men’s or women’s driving shoes, the market is full of them, and there’s a lot to choose from. You should definitely be careful when picking a pair, as one foot-slip could be incredibly dangerous. We hope we helped you pick the safest, most comfortable, as well as most stylish pair of driving shoes for yourself!


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