Double-H Shoes: What Do You Need to Know?


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Double-H boots have become a staple of American footwear for more than six decades. This brand started in 1955 in Richland, Pennsylvania, and has been popular for years for the variety of their work and leisure boots and shoes. They began as a local footwear business, and later the H.H. Brown shoe company bought the brand, hence its name. These boots are made in the United States with Global Parts, and they are manufactured in their factory in Martinsburg, PA. They were an innovation at that time as the first western boots with safety toes in the United States.

In this article, we will discuss the history of western work shoe style, the place where Double-H boots are manufactured, their features, their price range, and most importantly, are they worth buying? Keep reading to find out.

What Is the History of Work Western Style?

Work western-style originates from the clothes worn in the nineteenth century Wild West. It derives from the historical reproduction of American frontier clothing and the unique style of clothes popularized by Western movies or songs. Even in the 1950s, this style continued to be a fashion choice in the West and Southwestern United States, especially for people associated with country music and Western lifestyle.

Western wear is generally characterized by western shirts with pearl snap fasteners and vaquero design accents, blue jeans, a cowboy hat, a leather belt, and cowboy boots.

The story of Double-H boots started in 1955 when they produced their first cowboy boots. They were the innovators in the work western style because they were the first western boots with a safety toe in the United States, produced at the Richland plant. Later, the company changed location and moved their production facilities from Richland to Womelsdorf and finally to Martinsburg.

Where Are Double H Boots Manufactured?

The primary production factory of Double-H boots is located in Martinsburg, PA. So, the majority of their shoes are still manufactured in the United States.

However, some of their production (casual and fashion lines) has now moved overseas and to Mexico, but not the western work boots; these boots are still made in the United States. But if you want to purchase US-made shoes and you have doubts about their origin, you can simply check the Country of Origin label, where it states where the boots are made.

Double H Boots Features

Source: Double-H Boots

Considering the features of your Double-H boots is more important than the country where they are made. One of the most crucial features that you should keep in mind is the safety toe. Here is more about the types of safety toe:

The safety toe

There are two types of safety toes: steel toe and composite toe, and they have their similarities and differences. The steel toe offers the best protection for your feet against impact and compression. But, a steel toe has its disadvantages too; they are heavy, so they can feel a bit uncomfortable to wear for a longer time. Moreover, it is not good for extreme weather conditions since it will transfer the heat or cold to your feet. Another issue is that if your boots do not fit perfectly, the steel toe will cause you pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, a composite toe aims to provide more comfort than a steel toe. Furthermore, composite toe boots are lighter and better for wearing in extreme weather conditions because they do not transfer heat and cold like steel. But unfortunately, they may slightly sacrifice your safety and protection.

But as you may know, all footwear must meet the minimum standards required of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which means that composite toe boots are also safe. But if you need more protection, choose a steel toe. If you prefer comfort and need little to medium protection, consider buying a composite toe.

Some other essential features of western work boots are electrical resistance, puncture-resistant midsole, slip, and oil-resistant outsole; they can also be waterproof and so much more. But what really makes them unique is their shape and design. The shape of their toe is one of the most distinguishing features of a Double H pair of boots. They come in four different shapes such as round, square, r-toe, and u-toe. So, choose the kind of toe that you like best and feel more comfortable in. Remember to consider your feet when making this decision; if you have wide feet and boots usually squeeze your toes, choose a wider toe.

Another feature that sets these boots apart from all other types of boots is their design. Their beautifully unique stitching and design play a large part in their memorable look.

Are Double H Boots Worth Buying?

Source: Double-H Boots

Double-H boots are comfortable and durable work shoes. They are made for working, and they will probably last you for a longer time than most other work boots. They are beautifully designed, and they are made of high-quality leather to conform perfectly to your feet.

All Double-H boots provide you a tough outsole with a high-quality welt to prevent it from separating from the upper and make it easier to resole the shoes. These boots generally have sharp, stacked heels that protect your feet and provide you with excellent traction.

Furthermore, Double-H boots are fatigue resistant, and they contain a polyurethane insert which is lightweight and affords a high degree of cushioning. These boots are also leather-lined to cushion your feet and protect against fatigue and chafing.

Are Double H Boots Affordable?

Double-H boots are relatively affordable compared to other types of work boots. Prices for men’s Double-H boots range from $94.99 to $409.99. On the other hand, women’s Double-H boots prices range from $134.99 up to $234.99. But you don’t have to pay $409.99 for a good pair of Double-H boots; the most popular Double-H boots cost around $164.99 to $219.

Double-H boots are rugged and durable work boots that are mostly made in the United States. They feature high-quality leather that will mold to your feet in a short amount of time, ensuring you excellent comfort. More importantly, they offer the protection that workers need against impact and compression, thanks to their steel or composite toe. Fortunately, they are not very expensive; you can get a good pair of Double-H boots for about $164, and they will probably last you for many years, provided that you take care of them too.


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