How to Clean Army Boots: Suede, Leather, and Synthetic Fiber Boots

When you know how to clean army boots you can prolong their life. Learn how to clean leather, suede, or synthetic fiber boots in simple steps.

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Army boots are among the most potent boots worldwide, enduring various terrains—such as deserts or tropical forests—and weather conditions. They are made to have them on for a long time and sustain any needs. That’s why they are a favorite choice for most of us who have to work in challenging conditions.

However, army boots, the same as other boots, can get easily broken if you don’t maintain and clean them regularly. They can get damaged if they have dirt and mud for a long time. So, to prolong the longevity of your army boots, you need to give extra care to clean and maintain them. In this guide, you will learn easy and practical ways to clean and maintain your combat boots.

Cleaning Tan Suede Desert Boots

Like most types of boots, Tan Suede Desert Boots can get dirty in the mud, rain, bad weather, or food that can fall into them due to carelessness. They get primarily dirty by foods with a lot of oil or by the oil itself, which might damage the boots’ fabric.

Six methods to clean your suede tactical boots

When it comes to suede shoes in general, it should be pointed out that they are a particular type of shoes. For many people, they are the preferred type of shoes because of their unique material. But with this peculiarity comes the disadvantage of cleaning them: they cannot be cleaned with water and soap because water can leave stains on them. Luckily, there are various methods you can use to clean your suede boots. 

One simple way to get the mud out of suede boots is to let the dirt dry (in the sun preferably) and shake the dry mud with a brush. This is one of the most common methods of cleaning tactical boots. 

Another way to wash your Suede Tactical Boots is to put them in the washing machine and adjust the temperature correctly. However, it is not recommended by the manufacturers to clean your boots in the washing machine very often, so consider this as a risky move. 

If your boots have gotten dirty with food, oil, or something staining, you can clean them with bicarbonate soda. Put the baking soda on the stains on the boots, leave it like that for a few hours. When you come back, gently remove baking soda with a brush.

Vinegar can save your day if bicarbonate soda doesn’t work or you have stubborn stains and impurities. Apply vinegar in the stained area and let it dry. Then, come back to remove the stains, which you can do by using a suede brush. 

Cleaning Synthetic Fiber Boots

Shoes made of synthetic fibers are usually more robust, more durable, and more water-resistant. They must be carefully cleaned so as not to damage them. However, synthetic fibers boots are more sensitive than boots or shoes made of original leather; therefore, it is not preferable to put them in the washing machine since they might be damaged.

Four steps to clean your synthetic fiber boots

To clean synthetic fiber boots, first, let the mud dry out. When dirt gets solid, it will be easier for you to clean your army boots. 

Next, it is time to get dirty. Shake off the dried mud in your boots. You can do that by knocking the boots on heels or clapping them together. You can also use a brush such as a toothbrush. 

Now that boots are mudless, use a toothbrush to clean the parts that didn’t come off. Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar and use that to clean the synthetical fiber boots. 

If you want to go an extra step, you can apply a stain protector in your synthetic boots, making the cleaning process easier next time. 

Cleaning Leather Combat Boots

Leather Combat Boots are designed to provide foot comfort while walking and moving as well as excellent stability. 

The way they are cleaned is similar to other boots, depending on what they are stained with. It is preferable to clean them daily to keep them clean at all times.

Three ways to clean your leather combat boots

To clean leather combat boots, you can follow several procedures, depending on how dirty your leather boots are. 

If, for example, you want to clean them inside and out, then you can do this by following a few simple steps. To begin with, start by taking out the dried mud. It is easier to wash your boots if you first remove large and visible impurities with a brush (an old toothbrush is a good choice).

After that, wash the boots with water and dish soap, inside and out, using a sponge. If the stains do not go away quickly (this can be the case sometimes), use the brush again right on the stains with water and dish soap. Lastly, let them dry completely in the sun (not if temperatures are too high) or at room temperature.

On the other hand, if your leather combat boots are relatively clean, but some mud stains have been formed there, then you do not have to wash them inside and out. To save time and energy, you can remove impurities, such as dry mud or insect stains, with a brush (toothbrush again is a good choice). Wipe with a brush where the spot is until it disappears. Then you can clean it over with a paper towel.

Sometimes, you have lingering stains on the boots that don’t go away with the regular water and soap mixture. In this case, vinegar is the ideal solution. 

Vinegar is known as an element that is widely used for cleaning, as it has the power to remove stains and dirt. To clean leather boots, create a mixture of water and vinegar.

To clean your boots, use a dry paper towel by dipping it into the water-vinegar mixture. Apply it where the stains are, and let your boots dry entirely. This method has been proved to be quite effective, and it is highly preferable. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are various methods of cleaning your boots. They vary depending on the type of boots, the material they are made of, and their dirtiness level. Remember to pick the proper cleaning method for your particular type of boots, as this will make your army boots look cleaner and last longer.


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