How to Clean Carhartt Boots: A simple guide


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Carhartt boots are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. As with any other equipment, these boots need maint and regular cleaning to stay in optimal condition. Let’s take a look at how to clean Carhartt boots and what things you need for this procedure.

Things You’ll Need for Cleaning Carhartt Boots


There are steps you need to follow for properly cleaning your boots, as well as some essential things you need to have, such as:

  • Boot scrubber (if you don’t have one, you can use a regular shoe brush or even a toothbrush instead)
  • Special saddle soap for boots (if not available, you can use mild dish soap mixed with hot water)
  • Wipes (In case your Carhartt boots are made of leather, it’s best to use leather wipes; otherwise, wet wipes or regular shoe wipes can do the trick just fine)
  • A large sink or tub to give you proper space to do the cleaning

After you have prepared all the things you need, decide where to do the cleaning. It is best to do it outside, but the bathroom tub will do just fine.

How to Clean Carhartt Boots


The cleaning of boots can look like a no-brainer, but specific steps need to be followed if you want to do it correctly and not risk damaging your Carhartt boots.

Remove the laces and insoles

The first thing you need to do when starting the cleaning process is to loosen the boots’ laces and remove them; the laces need to be washed separately using special soap and hot water and scrubbing them using either a brush or wipes. Also, the boot soles have to be removed and cleaned separately, scrubbed with a brush, and be left to hang and dry (also separately) in a dry and ventilated space. These two items need special attention because they are more fragile and can be damaged more easily.

Brush off dust and dirt

Now that you have removed the laces and the inner sole, you need to brush off all the dirt and dust accumulated by your boots. You first need to rinse the shoes with water, preferably warm water. Doing this will make the mud milder and help you get rid of it easier. Then you need to use the boot scrubber or brush and scrub to remove all the dirt off the boots.

Clean uppers

After getting rid of the large amounts of dirt and dust, it’s time to clean your boots in more detail. You start with the upper part; first, you need to apply special saddle soap, which is a product you can find in supermarkets or even online. If you don’t have special saddle soap, you can use dishwasher soap. After applying small amounts of soap, brush the uppers carefully to remove stains and dust, then rinse them with water. Let them dry for a reasonable time before using them again to prevent the inner soles from being damaged.

Clean outsoles

Finally, it’s time to clean the outsoles. This step is pretty straightforward; just put soap on the outer soles, brush the dirt and stains away and then rinse them with water. After the cleaning process is finished, you let them dry.

Waterproofing and Conditioning Carhartt Boots


Besides just cleaning them, taking care of your Carhartt boots also means waterproofing and conditioning them. The process of waterproofing is applying waterproof wax treatments which enable your shoes to stay waterproof even after long periods of use. These wax products are usually applied immediately after the cleaning while the boots are wet. Depending on the type of material your shoes are made of (leather, synthetic), you should use the wax product designated for that type of material. On the other hand, the process of conditioning is applying special products that allow your boots to stay in optimal condition. You can buy a variety of these treatments online or in-store.  

Carhartt Boots Drying and Storage Tips


The way you dry and store your Carhartt boots is very important. Just like with other boots, the storing conditions of Carhartts should be optimal. Here are a few tips for drying and storing these boots:

  •  Don’t use overpowered dryers or any other devices to dry Carhartt boots.
  •  Use a towel or sponge to remove water quicker, and leave them to dry naturally in a dry and ventilated place.
  • Store them in a dry place with low humidity, don’t store boots in the garage, car, or any outdoor environment.
  • Stuff your shoes with papers or towels when storing them to avoid losing their shape.

Bottom Line

Learning to take good care of Carhartt boots is very important. Cleaning them regularly should become a habit of everyone. We recommend you follow these simple steps as often as needed to keep your Carhartt boots looking fresh, smooth, and ready for anything.


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