How to Keep Boots from Slouching at the Ankle: 10 easy ways

Learn how to keep boots from slouching at the ankle. In this article you will find out 10 ways how to keep boots from slouching while wearing.

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Since October is already here, we’ve all run to our autumn outfits without even checking the weather. If you are one of us who loves wearing tall boots as the weather gets colder, you might get out of the closet your favorite long boots.

Despite loving tall boots, there is one problem that comes with them: they slouch at the ankle area. Slouching will make your boots look old as well as not look good with your outfit. 

So, if you are one of those people who wants to know how to keep boots from slouching at the ankle,  then keep reading our article. Below you will find easy and practical ways to take care of your boots and prevent them from slouching in the future. 

Get the right fit

First and foremost, get the right fit. If by chance you get to wear a size that feels tighter to your foot, the boots will surely end up slouching at the ankle area. The more you walk, the more they get slouched because of the pressure. Likewise, if your boots are larger in size, the whole body weight will concentrate on the ankle part since the shaft can’t hold it up.

In the end, your boots will start slouching at the ankle area. So, to avoid such things, make sure you feel comfortable in your pair of boots by picking the right size.

Store boots in the right way

Another way on how to keep boots from slouching at the ankle is to store them in the proper way.

Don’t just let them lay down on the floor or against the wall. The practice is essential when it is off-season for boots and you are storing them in a closet for a long period of time. If they are not stuffed with things to protect their initial shape, boots will definitely slouch next time you wear them. 

The best practice is to stuff them with hard things, that will help them keep their initial shape. You can put socks, pieces of clothes, magazines or newspapers, or anything that you can think of to keep your tall boots straight and in the shape you first bought them.

Use a straightening strip inside the boot

Another yet effective method on how to keep boots from slouching while wearing is to use straightening strips for the boots to remain the same shape.

Straightening strips are quite handy: they are thin, straight, plastic or metallic, and keep your boots from slouching. In cases when you cannot use straightening strips, use a piece of wood instead. It just needs to be a craft stick that can be placed on the ankle area. This is a widely used method that prevents boots from slouching at the ankle or bunching up.

Use two-sided adhesive tape

If your boots have started bunching up already, then get a two-sided adhesive tape to get them in the original shape. As you wear your boots, stick the tape at both the end of the boot and your sock. This will help the boots stand tall without slouching and without getting damaged. You will not feel any discomfort while having them on; the tape will keep the boots straight. At the same time, you will look cool.

Use a bootbra

Don’t underestimate the power of the pieces you might not have heard of before.

The bootbra is a type of band with a snap button. You can attach it to one part of the boot and then button it around the calf. It is quite practical, and you will be ready to even walk a parade without them bunching up. It is an easy and convenient way to prevent boots from slouching at the bottom, however, it comes with a slight cost, compared to other methods. 

Wear long and thick socks with the boot

If you choose not to wear long socks with your boots, then the contact they have with your leg skin will make them slip down. This is because of the softness and smoothness of the skin, especially if your boots are made of leather. But, if you wear long thick socks underneath, you won’t face the same experience. The friction created among the skin and the material reduces the chances of your boots slouching to a great extent. 

Wear narrow pants

Wearing narrow pants with your tall boots is a game-changer. As weird as this might sound, narrow pants are a great solution. Narrow pants, especially when worn over the boots, keep the boots tight and help them retain their original shape. As simple as that, this is a quick technique to avoid boots slouching at the ankle. 

Choose boots with zippers or laces

If you love all types of boots, then it would be better if you get the ones that have zippers or laces. The zipper or laces support the shaft of the boot or calf part without having the need to stuff them daily. Once the boots are zipped up or buckled up, they will not slouch but remain in their initial shape. In contrast, zipless boots have the tendency to slouch as you walk on them. 

Use Boot Clips 

Another way to take care of your boots and not let them slouch is by using boot clips. Boot clips are a storage hack to keep boots from slouching. 

Whenever you’re done wearing a pair of boots, store them properly using boot clips. When you do so, boot clips keep boots tight in their initial shape and prevent them from slouching or deforming at the ankle area. 

Find a cobbler

If you’re one of those lazy people who don’t like such experiences and none of the alternatives above seem right, then go find a cobbler. Cobblers, professionals in fixing old shoes, will help you with a close-fitting boot.

Especially if the main problem is around the calf, a cobbler will fix it in a breeze. You just need to explain your needs, and they will help you avoid boot slouching at the ankle area. 


Tall boots are mainly seen as one of the favorite end-of-year pieces, so taking care of them will let you wear them next year as well. Boots usually slouch at the ankle, which frustrates most of us. To avoid that, start by choosing the right size of the boots, store them properly, use straightening strips, two-sided adhesive tapes, or a boot bra. If that’s not too practical for you, then wear thick socks, narrow pants, or simply buy boots that have zippers or laces. Choosing one of the alternatives listed above will make your boots last longer, so go give it a try. 


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