How to Lace Danner Boots?

If you want your Danner boots to look good, fit well, and feel comfortable, learn how to tie them by reading our guide below.

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Danner Boots are a classic when it comes to boots – for working outdoors or going into the wilderness for hikes and adventures.

Danner boots company was established in 1932 by Charles Danner. For nearly a century, they have promised a craft of long-lasting, high-quality boots with the best material they can find.

Danner Boots: Some History

In 1932, Charles Danner set himself a goal – to create high-quality, budget-friendly boots. His target was loggers, who relied on comfortable and resistant boots for their work outdoors. 

Danner designed these boots and handcrafted them, and since the materials cost were little because of the great depression, he managed to start selling them for 4$ dollars a pair.

He started the company in Wisconsin and soon moved to Oregon after hearing the market was expanding there. He began to become popular, and in 1936, he set the price 20$ for a pair of his boots.

In 1973 he launched his most iconic boots, The Danner 6490 Mountain Trail, designed especially for hiking. Six years later, he came up with the first completely waterproof boot ever, collaborating with Gore-Tex.

In 1994, Danner merged with Lacrosse, and they became a part of the Japanese brand, ABC-Mart. Danner continued to operate uninterrupted, despite the merge, and up to this day and for the future, they promise to continue manufacturing its broad range of footwear for work, military, hiking, and hunting.

The popularity of Danner boots


The Danner boots are the most popular shoes for work. These boots are made from excellent materials, which last for many years. People say they are of great value and worth the price.

Danner boots became extra widespread in 2014 when the movie “Wild” aired on Netflix. The main character there, played by Reese Witherspoon, was wearing these boots nearly the entire time in the film, making these boots quickly a staple all around the world.

Best Methods of Lacing Your Danner Boots


There are a few ways you can lace your Danner boots. Here we explain the most practical ways to lace your boots.

Heel-lock-lacing method

No matter how good your boots fit and how tight you tie your laces, you may notice your heel sliding when walking in difficult terrains. 

The heel-lock-lacing method got you covered. It is the perfect technique to create a super tight finish, making it impossible for your heel to slip.

Begin lacing your boots in a crisscross method, or whichever way you prefer, until the second-to-last eyelet. 

Thread the lace through the last eyelets so that the loop comes out on the inside of the shoe. This will create a loop between the last two eyelets, which is essential for the lock lacing technique. 

Cross your laces, and insert them into the loop on the opposite of the shoe. Pull the laces, tighten your shoe around your foot carefully so that you don’t make them uncomfortably tight, and then tie them as usual.

This technique prevents heels from slipping since it makes your laces harder to loosen. 

Diagonal method


The diagonal method forms one of the most fantastic designs of bootlaces. It mimics the shape of DNA. It is an excellent method to tie your boots, especially if you have a bruised big toe, since it alleviates pressure and pain points from it.

Start with the shoe facing you. Slip the bootlace from above through the eyelets. Make sure they are even.

Take the left bootlace, thread it through the opposite right eyelet, and the right shoelace through the left eyelet. Lace them that way so that the lace goes from the outside towards the inside of the boot.

Repeat until you have only one set of eyelets remaining. This time, lace them from inside towards outside to allow the laces to lay flat.

Tie them as usual.

Army method

This method is used and trusted by many armed forces. 

To achieve the army method, you start threading the laces through the bottom-most eyelets, if there is an even number of eyelets, or from the outside in, if there is an odd number of eyelets.

Take one end of the lace, and thread it diagonally through the next eyelet, inside out. Then, lace the same way on the other side, like the criss-cross method.

Repeat until finished. Remember to thread your diagonal shoelace under the horizontal shoelace at the bottom, not on top. 

Since the laces will end up on the inside of the shoe, tuck them inside, give them a neat and clean look, or tie them outside as a bow. If the laces are too long, you can wrap them around your ankles before tying.

Ladder method

The ladder method is one of the most secure ways to tie your boots. It works best for boots with a lot of eyelet pairs.

You start at the bottom eyelets by running the laces across the bottom eyelet pair from the inside out.

Take each end of the laces and thread them vertically into the next eyelet pair. You should thread them from the outside-in.

Now your shoelaces are inside of the boots. Feed them under the portion of the string connecting the eyelets straight up and down. Your laces should end up on the outside. 

Continue straight up. In the end, your shoelaces should be on the inside of the boots. Finish by tying them or tucking them in for a cleaner look.


Tying Danner boots is not hard at all. A crucial step is to know what you want and what you like so that you can choose the tying method that suits you best and start working on it.

It takes a little work, but the good news is, you don’t have to do it every day. You do it once, and you are set until it’s time for you to wash your boots.


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