How to Use Boot Blousers? 4 Easy Methods You Can Do at Home

4 simple methods of how to use boot blousers you can easily apply. Blousing boots are helpful to keep the cold and insects out while keeping dirt off your pants.

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People who work in outdoor settings should have workwear that keeps them secure and comfortable at the same time. In most cases, pants become the problem as they get dirty while hands down on work, and this is when assisting accessories such as blousing bands are helpful. 

Blousers, boot bands, or blousing bands are traditional elastic add-ons designed to keep your pants’ loose fabric around the ankle area and out of the way while working. They are a perfect way to keep the cold, debris, and insects from getting into your boots and protect your pants from getting dirty. Boot blousers come as a military design; however, they are often used by hikers and people working outdoors, such as construction workers.

In this guide, we will tell you what are blousing boots, and let you into some tricks on using boot blousers.

Why do you need boot blousing?

One of the primary reasons you need boot blousing is to ensure that dirt or debris does not get inside your boots while you work outside. Furthermore, blousing prevents pestiferous insects, which could turn out to be poisonous, from entering your boots while traveling in remote locations. But that is not all!

Blousing is required for a variety of other reasons. During colder winters, it can keep the cold air from sneaking into your pants, and the air trapped within your pants helps to keep you warm. In addition, boot blousing helps you feel more comfortable while you engage in day-to-day outdoor activities.

Finally, blousing protect your pants from getting dirty, letting you have a cleaner and neater appearance.

How To Use Boot Blousers?

There are multiple techniques you can put into use when it comes to boot blousing. Some of them are very simple and quite effective; others require more time and effort. If you’re willing to learn how to blouse boots, then keep on reading!

Blousing boots with blousing bands 

This is one of the simplest and least time-consuming ways to blouse your boots. Blousing bands keep the cold air out while also preventing insects from entering the boots. 

For this method, you will need:

  • Work boots 
  • Thick socks
  • Not too tight pants
  • Elastic blouse bands

This method starts by throwing on a thick pair of socks and your not too tight pants. After that, you should put the bands on your feet. Pull your pants on and tuck the bottom portion of them into the elastic bands. To produce a balloon effect, fold the leftover fabric over the blousing band after tucking. Finally, pull some cloth down to disguise your socks, then put your boots on.

Many people in different industries use blousing bands because they are simple to use. Moreover, this strategy prevents your pants from falling off their hangers, allowing you to relax.

However, because of the elastic blouse bands around your ankles, this method can be quite irritating and uncomfortable since the band can cut off your blood circulation.

Wear blousing straps inside the pants 

This process takes some time and effort, but it is far more comfortable than elastic blousing bands. In addition, blousing straps keep your pants perfectly in place. When using this technique, always opt for blousing straps that can be adjusted, and pair your bloused pants with thick socks that cover most of your calves.

For this technique, you will need:

  • Your favorite pair of boots
  • A pair of loose-fitting pants
  • Regular socks
  • Elastic blousing straps or garters

Wearing your pants and socks is the first step in this technique. Afterward, you have to grab the bottom of your pants and tuck it as far as you can up your legs. Now, tie the strings or garters all around the tucked-in area of your pants. Finally, adjust the bottom of the pants by pulling them up again, and you’re good to go.

While you won’t have to worry about falling out of your pants, this technique has a few disadvantages, such as the inability to achieve a typical or correct balloon shape after blousing, which may make you uncomfortable. Furthermore, when you blouse the boots with garters, the collar stays exposed, making your boots vulnerable to dirt and insects.

Tuck pants inside boots 

When none of the previous solutions are available, tuck your pants inside the collar of your boots, and you’ll practically achieve the same result. Of course, this is not the most effective method of blousing your boots, which is why it should always be the last option. In addition, to make this technique more effective, you can wear Suspenders to keep your pants from sagging over your boots.

For this technique, you should tug your pants on. Then pluck the excess fabric in the back and wrap it flat around your ankles. Put on your boots and finally slide your pants’ bottoms into the boots.

This method has multiple advantages starting from the fact that you can do this on the go, without any extra accessories. Most importantly, it won’t cut your blood circulation, making you feel more comfortable during work. 

However, as previously stated, this isn’t a particularly effective method, and your pants may tend to slip out of your boots. Moreover, this method won’t necessarily keep debris and insects out of your boots.

Wear battle dress uniform pants 

Battle Dress Uniform pants are created explicitly for blousing. These pants are tough and versatile, making them ideal for working in harsher conditions, hunting, climbing, and other outdoor activities. The bottom of these pants is made up of two layers of fabric; an inner layer with blousing ties and an outer layer that falls over the bloused boots.

For this method, you need to get your battle uniform pants and socks on. Then tie the blousing straps around your ankles and put on your boots. Finally, place the pants’ outer covering over your boots’ collar. It is worth mentioning that you can also tuck the outer layer of your battle dress uniform pants inside of the collar of your boots. This will protect you from the cold and keep the dirt and insects out of your boots.

This method is rapid and straightforward, and battle dress uniform pants are long-lasting and very comfortable.

However, a disadvantage of this method is that you have to purchase this specific type of pants, and since you have to tie the blousing straps, they might come loose. 

Final thoughts 

Blousing your boots is a valuable ability to have, and whether you utilize it or not, mastering it is a challenge in itself. You never know when you’ll need to blouse your boots, so learning the methods mentioned above will come in handy. Therefore, by following the instructions provided in this guide, you can keep the dirt and insects away from your feet, feel comfortable, and move freely while working.


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