Irish Setter Work Boots Review: What Else Can You Ask For?

If you’re searching for work boots with fantastic value for their price, look no further. Read our Irish Setter work boots review to learn about some of the best work boots out there.

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E-commerce has become a type of glorified window shopping. Daily, you might come across many excellent-looking products you only admire for a bit and then not buy. Or, if you end up purchasing the products, then there is a high chance you end up disappointed with what arrives. So, as convenient as shopping online is, it’s also hit-or-miss since you can’t physically see the item to determine whether it would be a proper fit, of high quality, or simply what you’re looking for. In such cases, it’s of paramount importance that you are well informed about the product you intend to purchase online, its features, and what it truly feels like, as reported by people who have tried them.

If you’re searching for work boots with fantastic value for their price, look no further. We’ve tested various boots, and the Irish Setter work boots genuinely stand out as an ideal product that looks good and functions well. So, continue reading as we provide you with an honest Irish Setter work boots review, highlighting the key features that make the boot worthy of purchase without brushing over a few weaknesses you should be wary of before buying.

Irish Setter Work Boots Overview

Let’s dive right into it! The Irish Setter Men’s 6-Inch Work Boot is one of the best work boots you can invest in. Of course, this is a bold claim considering how many different brands and work boot models there are. Still, as you read on and learn more about this boot’s construction and features, you’ll better understand why it’s a great idea to purchase your own pair of these Irish Setter boots.

This model of Irish Setter men’s work boots with full-grain leather features a welted construction and great soles made from long-lasting, heat-resistant materials aiming to help keep you protected regardless of hazards in your work environment. The shoe’s upper part consists of leather, triple stitching in some parts, and high-contrast thick single stitching on other areas for a trendy look and reliable toughness. The boot also has a typical depth and a rubber Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) traction tread design to ensure resistance to slips.

Such 6-inch Irish Setter work boots are some of the most protective and lightweight options you can find from the brand and the general footwear market. The overall comfort, durability, versatility, and fantastic design you can notice as soon as you wear them, will help you realize why many people swear by this product and have chosen it as their ideal work boot. It might be time you do the same and purchase your own pair through the Amazon link below.


Irish Setter Work Boots Key Features


Are you intrigued about what you read in the overview but are still not convinced that the Irish Setter 6-inch work boots are the perfect option for you? Well, let’s go through some of the key features of this boot in more detail.

Of course, each boot element has its importance as they all add a dimension to the boot that either helps with functionality, protection, or design. But, as a worker, the following features might interest you more and help you decide whether these boots are the ones for you. So, continue reading as we discuss the material used to construct the boot, safety features regarding electrical hazards, heat resistance, and comfort.

Quality Material

Generally, a quality work boot incorporates quality materials that ensure its durability. One of the best materials to assemble a pair of work boots is a full-grain leather obtained from the outer part of an animal’s hair carefully removed from the hide. Manufacturers ensure they can preserve the integrity of the hide so that the strength and durability of an animal come from the grain.

The Irish Setter boots take this material one step further. Their leather is exclusively handcrafted by the S.B. Foot Tanning Company and is named after the trout brook flowing near the tannery in Red Wing, Minnesota. By using U.S.-raised steer hides, the professional tanners at this tanning company employ various methods to create durable leather that can withstand even the most challenging trails or job settings.

Furthermore, the upper part of the boot is not the only one that uses quality materials. Similarly, the Irish Setter uses rubber EVA outsoles which are lightweight, durable, and widely used throughout the footwear industry.

Electrical Hazard Security

The Irish Setter brand prides itself in employing the latest technology to offer protection and comfort to its customers. One of the features that might interest you is the electrical hazard safety component integrated within the boot.

The Irish Setter 6-inch men’s work boot has an electrical hazard protective sole as well as heel construction that is designed to help reduce the risks of coming in contact with electrically energized parts. These boots are Electrical Hazard (EH) rated since they have been tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to ensure the proper protection against an electrical shock.

Heat Resistance

The heat-resistant outsole is another technique employed to ensure that Irish Setter boots are as tough as the conditions you can wear them in. Similar to many of the brand’s other products, this model is identified as part of Heat Resistant Outsole Safety Footwear (HRO). Its soles have been tested, and they meet the specified requirements for heat resistance as they are insusceptible to melting at a minimum of 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

Typically, such soles are produced from layers of rubber-nitrile and expanded polyurethane (PU). They have different densities and ensure an excellent bond that helps prevent delamination even when in contact with heat.


The last feature we will highlight is comfort. This Irish Setter model is a wedge boot, with the outsole covering its entire bottom part without the typical gap between the heel and forefoot most work boots have. This design is not only a stylish choice, but it also directly affects the comfort level of the foot. Thanks to the fact that such wedge outsoles have more contact with the ground, your weight will be spread out on a larger surface, thus helping relieve some of the pressure you would usually feel on your toes and heel.

Other elements that help with the comfort are the removable polyurethane insoles that you can easily swap out in case you need orthopedics, as well as the overall lightweight construction of the boots.

What We Like And Dislike About Irish Setter Work

As promised, we’ll be providing an honest Irish Setter work boots review, which means that we’ll be going through a list of pros and cons regarding this boots model. Keep in mind that we’re generalizing the importance of the features. What we deem to be a disadvantage or dislike about the boot might not bother you and can be easily fixed. So, remind yourself of what you are looking for and need from your future work boot, and see whether this model ticks those boxes.

What We Like

  • 100% full-grain leather
  • Heat-resistant rubber-EVA outsole
  • 6″ lace-up
  • The boot meets ASTM F2413-11 electrical hazard safety standards
  • Soft toe ensures a roomier toe box 
  • Non-woven nylon lining
  • Lightweight design
  • Welted construction
  • Great value for the price
  • True-to-size fit

What We Dislike

  • You’ll need inserts if you have plantar fasciitis.
  • Laces have a rough texture that frays easily and is hard to tighten up.

Irish Setter Work Boots: A Buyer’s Guide

When looking to buy any work boots, you must ensure they can withstand the environment you work in and resist the daily challenges you encounter. So, before investing in the Irish Setter boots, see which professions they’re ideal for and how long they can last. If these two aspects are in accordance with your requirements, you might have found your perfect boot.

Who Are Irish Setter Work Boots For?

Anyone working on hard surfaces or who has to stand on their feet for long periods can benefit from the comfort that the Irish Setter work boots provide. Say you’re a structural ironworker and have to walk on metal — you would adore the Irish Setter work boots. You can also benefit from these boots’ features if you work as a paving contractor, farmer, aviation, fishing, or in other similar professions.

Basically, the Irish Setter work boots are perfect for anyone who works in areas where their feet aren’t in constant danger from falling objects or slippery surfaces but yet would like to be safe and use work boots that are comfortable and offer a sense of security in case of minor accidents.

How Long Do Irish Setter Boots Last?

Thanks to the leather used to construct the Irish Setter work boots, this product is also very durable. The qualitative material combined with the superior stitching help make the shoes long-lasting, flexible, and stable. Likewise, the soles help the shoe withstand harsh conditions and are even constructed so that after extensive use, you can easily repair them if they begin to wear down. 

About Irish Setter


The Irish Setter brand has created an excellent product that appeals to many workers. But is this work boot their only hit? Certainly not, as the Irish Setter has been successfully designing and manufacturing a variety of footwear for many years now. This brand dates back to 1850 when the iconic Red Wing Shoe Company launched a division that focused on hunting boots. In the beginning, the Irish Setter worked on designing boots with Oro-Russet leather specifically for hunting. Although they were initially a sportsman’s boot, workers quickly embraced the label and its products.

By the 70s, Irish Setter began experimenting with their materials by introducing a cutting-edge construction combined with waterproof kangaroo hide, Vibram sole, and double-layered leather. Over the years, they introduced even more styles. Now, their boots are some of the most excellent options for hunters and various workers who need extra protection from challenging weather or terrain conditions.

Thanks to its link to one of the biggest shoe manufacturers out there, as well as the dedication and excellent craftsmanship they have shown over the course of more than a century, the Irish Setter is a trustworthy brand to shop from, and we highly recommend it.

Irish Setter Work Boots Alternatives

If you’re interested in the features provided by the Irish Setter work boots but would like to know more about what options you have, take a look at some of the best alternatives to the boot we have reviewed so far. The following three boot models will offer you similar features to the Irish Setter work boot, with some elements missing and others added to their construction.

King Rocks Men’s Construction Boots


The first alternative option comes from the King Rocks brand, which continuously delivers superior products built with Goodyear Welt construction. The King Rocks Men’s Construction Boots are aimed at construction workers; however, they’re really designed to accommodate professionals from just about any job site, including concrete safety contractors, roofers, carpenters, and ironworkers.

The boot comes in two colors: burgundy and brown, as well as a bunch of sizes ranging from 6 to 13. Its overall design, including the use of leather, wedge sole, and water-resistant components, immediately looks similar to the Irish Setter work boots. However, upon a closer inspection of the features incorporated into the King Rocks Men’s Construction boot, we can notice some differences, such as the inclusion of mesh lining and an additional storm welt layer to help prevent water intrusion.

Some of the key features of these King Rocks work boots are:

  • Made of premium leather
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Moc toe
  • Oil resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Non-marking comfort wedge sole
  • Removable cushion insole
  • Mesh lining
  • 5.7″ shaft
  • 0.8″ heel height

Golden Fox Construction Work Boots


Another alternative option you should consider is the Golden Fox Construction Work Boot. This model is designed and manufactured by the Golden Fox brand — a renowned leader in footwear that combines premium leather stitching with the latest technology in workwear to create boots that will satisfy their customer’s needs regardless of the profession. Initially predominantly used by hunters and farmers, such boots have been adopted to match various industries, including construction.

The Golden Fox Construction Work Boot is available in three colors: black, copper, and brunn (a light brown color), as well as sizes ranging from 6 to 14. The full-grain leather used to construct the upper is similar to the material used for the Irish Setter work boot. Still, the Golden Fox also lines the material with a moisture-wicking fabric that is breathable and helps with insulation. The boot is water repellent, built to last, and only gets more comfortable and soft as you wear it.

Some key features of the Golden Fox work boots include:

  • Made of oil-tanned full-grain leather
  • Moc toe wedge
  • Steel shank
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Oil- and chemical erosion-resistant outsoles
  • PU insoles
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Braided-looking design around the toe box
  • 6″ shaft
  • 0.8″ heel height

ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men


Last but not least, a great alternative to the Irish Setter work boot is the ROCKROOSTER Work Boot. Known initially as Tonghe Shoes, the ROCKROOSTER brand changed its name to reflect its dedication to handcrafting and challenging work. This footwear company specializes in producing a variety of work boot lines, highlighting specific features such as wedge soles, zippers, puncture resistance, and so on.

This specific boot comes in various colors, sizes, and toe construction options. You can choose between purchasing the boot with a soft toe, toe cap, or composite toe in the colors brown, tan, or black, and sizes ranging from 6 wide to 14 wide. The intricate design and wedge sole make the boot look heavy; however, like the Irish Setter, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and highly durable. Such a boot would be a fantastic choice not only for work but also for hiking and everyday wear. 

Key features of the ROCKROOSTER Work Boot include:

  • Made of full-grain tumbled leather
  • Dual-density PU sole
  • Shock-absorbing footbed
  • COOLMAX fiber technology
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Padded collar
  • Puncture-resistant
  • Anti-slip

The Final Verdict

There are so many brands designing and manufacturing work boots, and as difficult as it is to choose from the plethora of options, it is also much easier to find something that matches your preferences and needs. To help make such a choice even easier for you, we suggest you give the Irish Setter work boots or one of the other three alternatives a try.

Based on our experience, this boot is all you see on the screen and much more. So, invest in the Irish Setter work boots, and you’ll be investing in your feet’s safety and comfort.


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