Shoe Stretcher For Boots: How Does It Work?

A shoe stretcher for boots is a perfect solution to loosen your tight boots. Learn how does shoe stretchers work in boots and the benefits of using them.

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One of the most important things to consider when buying a new pair of boots is getting the right fit so that you feel comfortable while wearing them all day long. But this can be not easy, especially when you are shopping online. It is widespread for people to order shoes, only to be disappointed because they are not a great fit.

If such a thing happened to you too, there is a solution to this problem: the shoe stretchers, and yes, they work on boots too. Shoe stretchers are an easy way to break into your shoes and avoid the pain that tight shoes can cause. Read on to learn more about how shoe stretchers work on boots. 

What Is a Shoe Stretcher?

A shoe stretcher is a tool that helps expand your shoes and make them more flexible so that they are more comfortable to wear.

Shoe stretchers are usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and they have a foot shape. They are a fast and painless way to break into your shoes.

How Does A Shoe Stretcher Work?

The process of using a shoe stretcher for boots is not rocket science. However, you need to be careful during the process.

Before starting the process of breaking into your boots, spray a shoe stretching liquid to the areas that feel too tight or need loosening, and wait about three minutes for it to absorb. After it absorbs fully, take the shoe stretcher and insert it into the shoe, expanding it as much as the shoe allows. Then you should turn the knob to begin stretching the shoe until there is resistance and leave it inside the shoe for at least seven hours.

Keep in mind that the longer you leave the shoe stretcher in, the more your shoes will stretch, so if you don’t need your boots to loosen that much, leave the stretcher in for only a few hours; you can always put it back in and stretch them more. 

Do Shoe Stretchers Work on Boots?

The simple answer is yes, they do. Even though shoe stretches are specifically designed for shoes, luckily, they also work on boots.

But, some of them might not reach the heels of the boots; in that case, consider getting boot stretchers. Boot stretchers are explicitly engineered for boots, making them more convenient and efficient for that use. These types of stretchers do a great job of loosening the boots and making your feet feel more comfortable. 

Types of Shoe Stretchers

There are various shoe stretchers, such as the one-way shoe stretcher, the two-way shoe stretcher, boot stretcher, etc.

The one-way shoe stretcher is designed to only the toes, thus allowing more space in your toes while not stretching the whole shoe. This shoe stretcher is ideal when you need to untighten the toe area of your boots.  

The two-way shoe stretcher lengthens and widens the whole shoe. This type of stretcher can make your feet feel more comfortable since they create more room for your feet.

The boot stretcher is designed explicitly for boots. So, it would be best if you had a boot stretcher, but if you don’t, a simple shoe stretcher will probably do the job.

Benefits of Shoe Stretchers

The benefits of shoe stretchers are numerous. They can widen your shoes passively, meaning you do not have to wear the tight shoes or experience any pain.

Next, they will increase your shoe size up for at least half a size so that you will feel much more comfortable wearing them. Also, you will have some extra wiggle room, which is always nice.

And last but not least, they will save you money; you do not have to throw away a beautiful pair of boots just because they feel a bit tight. With a shoe stretcher, you can fix that problem overnight. 

Which Materials Are Best for Shoe Stretchers to Work?

Shoe stretchers work best on leather, suede, or other natural materials. But their downside is that they do not work that well on synthetic materials like polyurethane, vinyl, etc. If you are dealing with manmade material, you will need to repeat the stretching process every time since the shoes usually go back to their previous size.

Are Shoe Stretchers Expensive?

There are different types of shoe stretchers, and they all come at different prices. Their price typically depends on the material, brand, and the time consumed producing them. 

Usually, a plastic shoe stretcher is cheaper, but do not expect it to be durable. Plastic shoe stretchers can break more quickly, especially under pressure.

More expensive choices such as wood or steel are typically more durable because they are made of more substantial material. So, if you want a shoe stretcher that will last for a longer time, and will withstand pressure, definitely go for a wood or steel stretcher.

Key takeaway

A shoe stretcher for boots is a perfect solution to loosen your tight boots. In fact, using shoe stretchers is the painless way to break into your boots. They are relatively easy to use—you can stretch your boots at home. As well, depending on the material, they can expand your boots up to half a size. However, if you need to loosen your boots in the heel area, you may need a boot stretcher.


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