Timberland Boot Care 101: How to Keep Your Timberlands Looking New

Taking care of your work boots plays a big role in their longevity. Read our tips and tricks on Timberland boot care.

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Timberland boots are a great investment for anyone in the construction industry. They are a valuable item that you can add to your collection since they are ideal for long hours, manual work, and adaptable to all weather conditions.

Timberland boots are well known for their longevity. For most people in the construction industry, Timberlands last anywhere between four to five years. However, taking into consideration their high price tag, people expect their boots to last longer. So, what if we tell you that there is actually a way for your Timberland boots to have a longer life? Taking care of your boots, cleaning them, and simply maintaining them will make them extremely durable and make them look great as well.

How to Care for Timberland Boots

Different types of Timberland boots require different approaches when it comes to taking care of them. Since Timberland boots have different materials, it is logical that they will require different cleaning methods and most importantly different tools and cleaning products.

In this article, we will show you how to care for Timberland boots and what steps to take when maintaining waxed or oiled leather Timberlands, nubuck and suede Timberlands, and canvas Timberlands.

How to Care for Waxed or Oiled Leather Timberlands

The number one way you can take care of your waxed or oiled leather Timberlands is, undoubtedly, by regularly cleaning them. Cleaning waxed or oiled leather boots might seem like a challenging task, but once you’ve removed the dirt from the surface, all you need to do is polish, condition, and finally brush them. This way, your leather Timberlands will instantly look nice and polished.

In addition, if you have a new pair of Timberland boots, you can use a protective spray to avoid water marks and stains, as well as to make your boots have a longer life.

How to Care for NuBuck and Suede Timberlands

Suede and NuBuck Timberlands are made of very sensitive material. They can get stained easily when in contact with water. On the other hand, you cannot add wax to them since it will only damage your boots. Therefore, in order to keep this type of Timberlands clean, you can use a gentle waterproof spray which will add a protective layer against water and other external elements. 

However, make sure to clean your boots, remove all the dirt, and let them dry naturally before applying the Timberland waterproofing spray.

How to Care for Canvas Timberlands

Canvas Timberland boots are the easiest ones to maintain out of all other types. These boots are very easy to clean. You can mechanically wash your canvas Timberlands or even put them in the washing machine. However, it is important to make sure that you don’t put your canvas Timberlands in the dryer since it will damage them. Simply, let them air dry.

Waterproofing Timberland Boots

What makes Timberland boots one of a kind is the fact that they are ideal for any weather condition. However, in order for them to be waterproof and to keep your feet nice and dry, you have to take one extra step; you have to add a waterproof barrier to your Timberland boots.

Choosing which waterproofing method you want to use will depend on the material of your boots. To start the waterproofing process, you have to start with thoroughly clean and air-dried Timberland boots. Afterward, apply a layer of wax or cover them with a Timberland waterproofing spray, depending on the material. Finally, allow your boots to fully dry before you wear them.

How to Clean Timberland Boots

One of the best ways to prolong your Timberland boots’ life is by regularly cleaning them. Cleaning your Timberland boots is an easy process that doesn’t require much of your time. 

Here is how you can wash your Timberland boots step by step, while still making sure that you don’t damage them or even ruin them completely.

Remove shoelaces & wash separately

The first step to having clean Timberland boots is removing their shoelaces and washing them separately. Make sure to remove any grime that may have been remained on them. Afterward, put them in a mesh bag, then put them in the washing machine and run a regular wash cycle. After they have been washed let your shoelaces air dry and you are ready to jump into the next step.

Scrub shoes with a brush

Grab a shoe brush and gently start scrubbing your Timberland boots until you see the dirt coming out. If you don’t have a shoe brush, you can also use a toothbrush since it will have the same effect.

Apply a cleaning solution appropriate for the material

After scrubbing off the dirt, now is the time to apply a cleaning solution. Make sure that the cleaning solution is appropriate for the material of your boots, otherwise, it can seriously damage your Timberland boots. You can simply mix water and natural soap and start washing your boots with it.

The water and soap solution is great for cleaning your boots, however, for heavier stains, you can also use white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or liquid shoe cleaner specifically made for different types of Timberlands. 

Clean the boots with a washcloth

Dampen a washcloth into your water and soap solution and start gently rubbing your boots with it. Afterward, use a clean washcloth to wipe off any residue. 

After cleaning your Timberland boots let them air dry. Make sure not to use a hairdryer or heat exchangers to speed up the drying process, since this can cause cracks in your boots.

Buff your boots

Next, buff your boots using a Timberland boot polish and a clean suede brush in back-and-forth movements. This way you can add that polished, shiny, and glossy appearance to your boots.

Re-lace your boots

Finally, put your freshly washed shoelaces back on, adjust them to your comfort level, and you’re ready to get on with your day.

Ultimately, Timberland boots are a very smart investment for individuals in the construction field. These boots are durable and adaptable to any weather conditions. However, using our Timberland boot care tips and tricks, you will have a greater chance to get the best experience possible out of your Timberland boots.


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