How to Wash Your Carhartt Jacket

Time to wash your Carhartt jacket? Read our guide for detailed instructions on how to wash your Carhartt jacket and avoid spending money on getting it drycleaned.

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If you have searched the internet for quality work jackets, it is virtually impossible not to come across Carhartt. This is because Carhartt products are known for their high quality, durability, and overall good design. 

Now work clothes, no matter their durability, need to get washed every once in a while. If you do not know how to go about washing your Carhartt jacket, keep reading to find out the different ways to do so.

How to Wash Carhartt Jackets: Washing Machine or Dry-Cleaners?

Another good thing about Carhartt jackets is that you have options when it comes to washing them. If you prefer, you can take your Carhartt jacket to your dry cleaners and have them deal with it. However, if going to the dry cleaners to drop off your jacket and then going back again to pick it up seems like a nuisance to you, you can wash and dry your Carhartt jacket in the comfort of your own home. The process of cleaning it may change depending on the type of Carhartt jacket you own and how soiled it is.

Steps to Wash Your Carhartt Jacket

If you have decided to take on washing your Carhartt jacket at home, there are a few things you need to know if you want to do a good job. The main goal should be giving your jacket a good cleaning, drying it properly, and at the same time not damaging it. Here is a list of steps to follow in order to wash your Carhartt jacket successfully:

Check the label

This should go without saying: every time you decide to wash an item of clothing, make it a habit to check the label. As you know, a lot of clothes are not machine washable, so washing them at home will ruin them. Lucky for you though, Carhartt jackets are machine washable. However, just because you now know this does not mean that you should disregard the label on the jacket. The label contains useful information for the whole cleaning process, including how to wash it, at what temperature you should wash it, how to dry it, if you can iron it, etc. 

Choose the products

After you have read and understood the label on your Carhartt jacket, you can go ahead and get the products you need to get through the process of washing. Depending on the label of the exact Carhartt product you own, you might need to purchase different products for washing it. However, the Carhartt website generally suggests that you use a mild detergent to protect your jacket and definitely avoid using any type of bleach (chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, etc.), fabric softener, or starch on your Carhartt jacket. The products they advise against contribute to the early deterioration of the fabric of your Carhartt jacket or its color.

Pretreat stains

Because Carhartt jackets are an item of clothing that is commonly used in many different work settings, they can get pretty soiled so it’s a good thing they are machine washable. However, if there are visible stains on your Carhartt jacket, chances are a simple run in the washing machine will not get rid of them. This is why you need to pretreat the stains. 

What does this mean? This means you need to take care of the stain before you run the cycle on the washing machine. You can do this by using a good stain remover or a simple mix of dish detergent and cold water before putting it in the washing machine. It is important to check whether the stains are gone when the washing cycle is done, so you can treat it again if it’s still there. Once you put your jacket in the drier, the heat will set the stain and it will be virtually impossible to get it out.

Wash in warm water


After you have treated the stains, if there were any, you can go ahead and wash your Carhartt jacket. Put it in the washing machine and choose a washing cycle in which you can set a certain temperature. The Carhartt website advises washing your jacket on a warm water cycle, the temperature of which is 140°F/60°C or below. The mild temperature will not harm the fabric of the jacket, thus you get to use your durable Carhartt jacket for years to come.

Move to tumble dryer


After the washing cycle is finished, there are a few different ways to dry your Carhartt jacket. One of them is using a tumble dryer. After putting your jacket in the dryer, select a low setting or a more gentle drying cycle to protect your jacket. Once the drying cycle is finished take your jacket out of the dryer immediately to avoid any creases. If you notice your jacket is not completely dry after one cycle, you can always run one more. Another option is to hand your Carhartt jacket out to dry the rest of the way. Last but not least, you can even omit the tumble dryer part of the process completely and opt for hang drying from the beginning.

Iron if needed

If you have overcrowded your washing machine, chances are there are a few creases on your jacket. Don’t worry though, the Carhartt website says you can iron your jacket. Same as with the washing and the drying cycle, you should use a low setting for the ironing as well. A good practice when ironing clothes is to try it out on another piece of clothing or at least a corner of it to make sure it’s good to go and it won’t damage your jacket.

Final Thoughts

The durability of an item of clothing depends on how much you take care of it as much as on the materials used to make it. Carhartt jackets are known for their durability, but this feature can be compromised if one does not know how to properly wash them. Moreover, as part of your caring routine, you may want to consider waterproofing your Carhartt jacket for additional protection. And, since you are at it already, if you also own a pair of Carhartt boots, you may be interested in learning how to clean your Carhartt boots.


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