About Us

Workwear Guru serves as a go-to resource for working men and women. We pride ourselves on providing authentic apparel reviews and comparison articles, as well as helpful sizing tutorials for common workwear. Our goal is to pass what we’ve learned about workwear onto you.

What good is a user review from someone who has never actually used the product? Our goal at Workwear Guru is to bring authentic reviews with hands-on use and testing whenever possible.

We believe in real reviews with real pictures that can help you as a consumer get a better idea of the quality, fit, and look of the item you are interested in.

If it is part of workwear, then we consider it relevant, and it qualifies for discussion on this site. We cover everything from hard-nosed tough outerwear work jackets to comfortable food-service shoes to office khakis and shirts.

Our Experts

Adam Patterson

Workwear Expert

Henry Wood

Work Boots Expert

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Work Boots Expert

DeLonzo Wyar

Buying Guides Expert

Our Publication Process

Our content cycle begins with a team of experts providing deep analysis on what will resonate best with our audience. From there, the editorial team dissects that data and collectively comes up with topics Workwear Guru readership will find valuable.

The editorial team decides on the headline, framing, and publication date for each article, which is then compared to our annual editorial calendar to ensure timely publication for events and holidays.

The articles are then assigned to our team of writers, all of whom are experienced, knowledgeable, professional experts in the industry.

The editorial team works closely with authors to ensure insight (including expert commentary) is properly sourced and attributed. If the article discusses specific products, the editorial team works with each author to ensure the items chosen have great reviews and are widely seen as products people want to read about.

When the author completes their work, all articles go through a 3-step editorial process to ensure tone, formatting, and visual assets adhere to our guidelines. The editorial staff then schedules the article for publication.