Caterpillar Boots Review

If you needed a Caterpillar boots review, this is your article. Find out their key features, what reviewers think, and what are some of their popular models.

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Have you been searching for a while for a brand that specializes in making work boots or regular high-quality boots? Or have you heard of Caterpillar boots and want to have a more in-depth look at how good they are before purchasing them? Whichever reason brought you here, we’ve got all the answers. Keep reading to find out more about the best features of Caterpillar boots, what reviewers have to say about them, and some popular boots of this brand that might interest you. 

Caterpillar Boots Overview

Building good footwear and especially work boots takes a team of professionals, years of experience, and a passion for excellence—all of this makes the Caterpillar brand. Caterpillar boots are manufactured keeping in mind the needs of the one who wears them, from the intensity of the arch support to their classic stylish look. The level of cushioning, along with the rubber, slip-resistant sole, ensures maximum comfort on a busy day of work or just running errands. Each model of each boot is specifically designed for the purpose of different work industries, which gives customers a variety of choices for their satisfaction. 

I give my full recommendation for the Caterpillar boots. The boots made by this brand are all designed with meticulous care to provide stellar quality and maximum comfort in any environment. An extra reason to trust their quality and durability is the fact that Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment, among other things. So Caterpillar manufacturers know a great deal about challenging work environments and the need for comfort, more than one might think. 

You can pick and purchase a pair of your choice of Caterpillar boots on Amazon.

Caterpillar Boots Features 


Caterpillar Boots’ features are thought out and manufactured taking into consideration many important aspects of the user’s needs. They not only consider the right fit and comfort but the anatomy and biomechanics of the boots. Whether it’s a construction worker or an airport worker, car mechanic or bartender, the shoe design tends to everyone’s needs with an interesting mixture of science and art. The boots are stylish but also suitable for different environments. 

Caterpillar boots are also sought out by people who love to go hiking: they seek durable footwear with arch support to protect them from blisters. The hiking community loves Caterpillar boots because of their leather upper, which protects them from rocks, mud, and water. The slip-resistant soles and the composite toes that prevent damage from rocks make them the perfect boots to wear in rough terrain or environment. 

There are seven main features of the Caterpillar boots that make them high-quality and long lasting, which are also a favorite by many customers who have purchased the boots.


Different types of materials are intertwined and combined to make Caterpillar boots into the perfect work boots: the premium leathers, the ultra-durable rubber toe bumper, the protective heel counter, the slip-resistant outsole, and the seamless flex point near the toes to prevent breaking. With their rough leather uppers, Caterpillar boots ensure durability and damage prevention against rough trails you’ll be walking on.


At Caterpillar Footwear, the sole is believed to be the “soul” of their boots, which is why they don’t take this important part of the boot lightly. The boots have a unique DNA of ruggedness and toughness for all types of terrains. The rubber outsoles are made with an anti-slip pattern that is designed to provide stability and balance in wet or muddy trails. 


The midsoles of the boots are there to absorb shock and prevent injuries on your feet, so the more padded the cushioning of the midsole, the more comfortable the shoes. Caterpillar boots’ midsoles are padded and flexible, making it easier for you to go about your day without having sore feet at the end of it. 

Goodyear welting

The Goodyear welting construction on the Caterpillar boots is another feature that makes them stand out and work harder so you don’t have to. The welt is an extra layer added to the boots that repels water and keeps your feet dry. The tight construction makes them long lasting and comfortable so you can wear them every day without having to worry about damage.


Need comfortable and insulated work boots for colder weather? Caterpillar boots have got them. And don’t worry about the boots being too bulky, because the materials used to make the boots insulated and protect them from snow or ice are lightweight but still get the job done. There are many different insulated Caterpillar boots for you to choose from which preserve the warmth you create from movement and protect your feet from dampness and cold.


The Caterpillar boots manufacturers have also taken into account that your feet might get wet in your work environment or during a hike, which is why they made many of their models waterproof. There are three methods that make the boots waterproof: lining, seam liners, and leathers. These methods form a seal around the boots’ interior, protecting them from outside moisture, such as rain, snow, or any type of water source.

Protection and safety

Of course, a crucial part of a work boot is the level of protection and safety it provides and how much you can depend on it. The Caterpillar boots, while taking into consideration your safety, do not sacrifice comfort. The boots are designed for all-day comfort with an athletic feel and padded insoles. Their lightweight composite-toe designs keep your toes safe from any falling objects or accidental stubbing. 

What We Like and Dislike About Caterpillar Boots

What we like:

  • Premium-quality leathers
  • Tough leather uppers
  • Provides security in the workplace
  • Slip-resistant soles
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Arch support 
  • Removable and padded PU insoles
  • Goodyear™ welt construction
  • Lightweight composite toe

What we dislike:

  • The heel could improve
  • Not all models are waterproofed/insulated

What Reviewers Say About the Caterpillar Boots Brand

Many reviewers agree that the price of Caterpillar boots is reasonable because of their long-lasting materials and the comfort they provide on a day-to-day work basis: 

“I have worn these boots for a couple of years now and simply find them so comfortable for working in. They last, they hold up in all weather conditions and are the most durable shoe ever, have just bought a new pair after 2 years of wearing my others out, they are just the best shoe. If you want workwear, go caterpillar, expensive yes, but they last. Comfort, long lasting.”

And if you’re someone who doesn’t work in a hazardous environment but only wants comfortable, long-lasting boots for your everyday walks, this reviewer tells you everything you need to know:

“So far these are really really comfortable, I use them for dog walking mainly and they are one of the most comfortable pair of boots I’ve ever owned, really thick and warm inside and fit really well. They don’t feel as heavy as normal walking shoes or boots and I feel I could walk for miles with no issue in them. Overall I’d recommend these”

The durability of Caterpillar boots is proved by this reviewer, who has had their boots for a long time and is purchasing another pair:

“I had my other CAT boots for nearly 12 years and they have just started to look worn so I wanted new ones….these are excellent replacement, well made and robust. I take an 8 and these are perfect fit. Good price too.”

And if you’re someone who would love to avoid the break-in period of footwear, not to worry, a lot of customers have had the same experience with Caterpillar boots in which the break-in period is either short or didn’t need one:

“These boots were A LOT more comfortable that I thought they would be. As soon as they arrived, I put them on to ‘break them in.’ Once on, I noticed how comfortable they were and thus a ‘break-in period’ was not needed. I wore them all day without any discomfort. Good arch support, nice spring in the heel, great brown color, and I really like the top two lace hooks for quick lacing.”

Caterpillar Boots: A Buyer’s Guide


Caterpillar boots are the boots to purchase if you’re tired of having sore feet at the end of your work shift or spending way too much money replacing boots that aren’t at all durable. The Goodyear welt construction on the boots makes sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day. The waterproofing and insulation features prevent water and cold from getting in so you can rest assured that comfort will not leave you when cold weather comes around. This brand is the way to go if you want stylish and comfortable footwear that also meets safety standards.

However, as mentioned before, not all models come with waterproof and insulation features. Non-waterproof or insulation boots might be a problem for you if you live in a mostly cold weather area or work/walk in wet trails. So when purchasing a pair, make sure to check if these features are listed in the description. 

Who are Caterpillar boots for?

Caterpillar boots are for those who work in construction or in other jobs that require you to stand in your feet for long periods of time. The reason is that the combination of the rough leather uppers to prevent damage, the composite toe to absorb shock, and the padded insoles and rubber soles to provide excellent comfort make them the perfect workwear footwear. 

But the manufacturers also took into consideration that many of their customers do not work in challenging environments and just need comfortable, durable boots to walk or hike in. The slip-resistant pattern of the sole will keep you balanced if you are hiking a slippery trail or taking your dog out for a walk in all types of weather conditions. 

Are Caterpillar boots comfortable?

Although most Caterpillar boots are made to be worn in construction sites, the provided maximum support by the composite toe and arch support does not exclude the comfort the boots’ other materials offer. The premium leathers used to construct the boots are not just made to be long lasting but flexible too. So you can be assured that when you’re walking all day in Caterpillar boots, your feet will be protected from blisters or soreness. 

If you’re already sold on the Caterpillar brand and want excellent recommendations from our top researchers of the boots, we’ve got you covered. We have picked three of the most popular Caterpillar boots models that are raging with excellent reviews and tons of purchases every day. 

Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift Work Boot


If you’re looking for comfortable work boots with a classic look, then the Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift work boots should be your next purchase. Made in four different designs and colors, these boots are for sure going to be life-savers in long workdays. Here are some of the features of the Cat Footwear Men’s Second Shift work boots you need to know:

  • 100% leather
  • Manmade sole
  • Speed lacing shaft
  • Plush logoed collar
  • Oil-resistant traction outsole
  • Nylon sockliner and lining
  • Goodyear welt construction
  • Breathable mesh lining


Cat Footwear Men’s Fairbanks 8″ WP TX ST Work Boot


Looking for waterproof industrial boots? Look no further because the Cat Footwear Men’s Fairbanks work boots might just be your perfect match. One reviewer specifically mentions how these boots have been most helpful in long working hours: “these boots are extremely comfortable to stand and drive in. I typically work 8-14 hour shifts depending on the day, and I never have any issues.” Here are some of the features of the Cat Footwear Men’s Fairbanks work boots you need to know: 

  • Synthetic sole
  • Slip-resistant outsoles
  • Waterproof
  • Durable leather uppers
  • Meet the ASTM F2413-05 1/75 EH electrical safety hazards
  • Steel toe against impact and compression
  • Made in several different colors


Cat Footwear Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe Construction Boot


True to their name, the Cat Footwear Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe construction boots are perfect for wearing in construction sites; they are long enough to protect not only your feet but your shins as well. As one reviewer suggests: “I recommend these Caterpillar pull on boots to anyone who is working in heavy duty industries.” They do not have any laces or zippers that might get caught in any mechanical tools, and they’re comfortable to wear and walk around in. Here are some of the main features of the Cat Footwear Men’s Revolver Pull-on Steel Toe construction boots you need to know:

  • 100% leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Steel toe 
  • Full-grain leather construction
  • Dual pull handles with contrast logo patch
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Nylon mesh lining


The Final Verdict

If you’ve reached the end of the article with positive feelings about the Caterpillar boots but are still unsure if they’re worth purchasing, I’d say go for it. Because if you are someone who works in a heavy-duty industry, your feet deserve to feel comfortable and safe. And if you’re just looking for durable everyday boots, well, you’ve got plenty of Caterpillar boots models that also tend to your needs. 


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