How Much Does It Cost to Resole Boots?


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Working physically demanding jobs not only puts pressure on your body in general but on the soles of your feet as well. It is for that reason that sometimes it is more common for the sole of your footwear to wear out before the upper part does. When this happens, you may wonder whether the boot can still be saved or not. If yes, how is it done and how much does that cost? If you are interested in the answer to these questions, keep on reading to find it out!

When Should I Get My Boots Resoled?

Knowing when you should get your boots resoled is critical. You can’t wait too long before resoling your boot because it may end up becoming unwearable altogether and impossible to be brought back to a usable state. How long the sole of a boot lasts depends on a few factors: the type of terrain the boots are most used on, how frequently they are worn, and the wearer’s weight. 

But what is resoling boots exactly and how do you know when is time for resoling your boots? Resoling is a cost-effective process of restoring the boots to their former condition when the outsoles need changing.

One of the best and perhaps also one of the most obvious ways to tell if the outsoles need changing is if the soles have holes in them. You should also be aware that the soles may look fine, but the possibility of them having worn thin after long periods of use is quite high. Thin soles provide less traction and negatively affect your feet and joints. If you find yourself slipping more often when wearing your boots, that’s a clear sign that your boots need resoling, as the soles may have already been worn too thin. In this instance, you should go for a resoling and give your boots another chance. 

What Boots Can Get Resoled?


Unfortunately, resoling is not possible on all types of boots, but thankfully it is on the majority of work boots. It will mostly depend on how they have been built.

Boots that have their outsoles permanently bonded to the leather uppers with cement cannot have the outsole be removed without ruining the entire shoe—they have what is called “cup soles”. On the other hand, Blake stitched shoes have their soles and the uppers stitched together, which means they can be resoled; for a successful shoe resoling to happen, a Blake stitch machine is explicitly needed. 

In brief, boots with their outsoles and the uppers stitched together can be resoled. In contrast, boots with their outsoles and the uppers glued together typically cannot be resoled.

Where to Get the Boots Resoled


Firstly, you need to make sure that the boots can, in fact, be resoled. You may be able to tell if they are glued or stitched quite easily, but if not, you can check with the manufacturer and then look for approved resole providers. 

It is not too difficult to find cobblers in every city, but depending on the type of boot, some cobblers may not be able to offer resoling. Some specific boots may require somewhat more special resoling, so it is best to do your homework before going to the cobbler, just so that you are best prepared. 

Resoling Boots Procedure

If you are a handy person and would like to save yourself some money, you may choose to resole your own boots. First, the stitches will be removed and the outsole will be detached from the upper boot, the midsole, and the insole. Then, after cleaning the area of the unstitched outsole and the uppers, the boot will be ready for a new welt to be attached in the same manner as the previous one was.

If, in addition to new soles, you want to give your boots an even cleaner and fresher look, you could replace the laces with new ones and polish the uppers. Additionally, if you have decided to resole your boots, consider replacing the insoles as well as the outsoles because it is very likely they may also be worn out. This way, you can make sure that you can have the boots feel as good as new after this process.

Resole Shoe Costs


Before you resole your boots, It is important to do the math on the cost of doing it. Making sure that the resoling costs fairly less than buying a whole new pair of boots is what makes this all worth it. Of course, for customized or handmade boots of a very high price, resoling is cost-effective, especially if the uppers are still in very good condition. But if your uppers are already falling apart, resoling may not be worth it, as your boots may not last much longer.

The resole shoe cost varies a fair amount depending on different factors, such as the model of the boots, the construction, and the initial overall quality of the boot. 

Generally, resoling costs no more than $100, but it also depends on the restoration method and just how much work needs to be done. It is good to note that the initial state of the shoe before resoling also matters. For a complete sole replacement, the minimum cost typically comes at an average of $65. After knowing the general costs, you should plan accordingly for the resoling process.


Knowing when your boots need a makeover is crucial not only for the looks but for your comfort and health. Worn out soles can cause back, feet, and knee pain. Whether you decide to buy a new pair of boots or resoling the ones that you already have, the choice is yours. If you are attached to your boots because they are nice looking or you like how they fit, then resoling them will be the perfect solution for you, plus, depending on their quality, it may be more cost-effective than buying new ones. In addition, if you often struggle with breaking in your new boots, resoling the ones you have will save you the pain.


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